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Sun May 26 11:41:22 CEST 2013

See <https://builds.onehippo.org/job/hippo-cms-2.22.xx/350/changes>


[wymsy] Ticket #1298

[gogo] Remove the old and defunct popup from charactermap.  I don't see it used anywhere.

[gogo] See ticket #1502

Update to enhance reliability and functionality of MootoolsFileManager.
  1. A couple of race type conditions caused various issues with loading the MFM.
  2. Add preselection of current image 
  3. Add documentation for HSpace/VSpace in config.php

Also snuck in a couple of other bugfixes/additions:
  1. add support for having attribute "onxinhaready" on a textarea 
  2. add a Xinha._posturlcontent as an analog to _geturlcontent, synchronouse post
  3. some PHP deprecation issues in the old ExtendedFileManager and ImageManager
  4. add a skin.xml to blue-look skin

Note: This is an older version of MFM, I am about to create a branch to work on bringing in a large update to MFM in a couple of stages.

[ejucovy] close #1541: add xinha_config.formatblockDetector option, which can be used, in coordination with a clever onExecCommand(formatblock), to customize the behavior of the formatblock dropdown with custom options that don't directly correspond one-to-one to HTML block tags and/or require application-specific logic to identify.

[ejucovy] fix #1528: correct typos in dutch translationsfor LangMarks

[ejucovy] clean up documentation-comment for multiStageLoader method (use multiline comments)

[ejucovy] refs #1541: by adding a function _getFirstAncestorAndWhy underneath _getFirstAncestor which returns slightly more information, we can simplify the logic for figuring out which formatblock option to display as selected in the dropdown.

[gogo] Allow the use of "fullscreen" as a toolbar element, rather than "popupeditor".  For potential backcompat, leaving "popupeditor" as the default.

[ejucovy] add translation author info (per http://www.xinha.org/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=3242)

[ejucovy] #1537: correct the documentation for formatblock

[ejucovy] #1536: document config.bodyClass and .bodyID

[ejucovy] #1530: fix DefinitionList syntax error and lint warnings

[ejucovy] close #1545

[ejucovy] closes #1538: add a cfg.TableOperations.addToolbarLineBreak option, default is true

[ejucovy] #1557: russian localization for DefinitionList

[ejucovy] #1560: TableOperations now registers a core dblclickList event for 'td' to pop up the table properties dialog

[ejucovy] whoops - my commit r1278 was wrong: it registered the buttons in the reverse order (DD - DT - DL).  rather than building some complicated partial-array-reversal logic here (a full array reversal wouldn't work because of the linebreak and separator items), i'm just going to simplify the whole thing and hard-code the button registrations.  I don't think anyone will mind the loss of the linebreak here..

[ejucovy] close #1561: register DefinitionList buttons near the standard list buttons

[ejucovy] closes #1555: mark DoubleClick as unsupported

[ejucovy] refs #1555 (applying patch http://trac.xinha.org/attachment/ticket/1555/dblclickList.diff) -- strip out functionality from the DoubleClick plugin, because the functionality now exists in core as the config.dblclickList option.  so, if this plugin is loaded, it will just copy its config into the now-built-in config.  core will handle the rest.

[ejucovy] closes #1558: refer users to a documentation page in the wiki if they are using one of the unsupported_plugins, rather than a closed ticket

[ejucovy] refs #1559 -- may as well bump the version number for this fix

[ejucovy] closes #1559, <dl> button throws a JS error if the cursor context is the body element itself

[ejucovy] instead of hijacking the inserttable button action, we define editor._insertTable, and let xinha core do the rest.  closes #1556

[ejucovy] Fix editor._createLink confusion, closes ticket:1553

 * editor.execCommand("createlink") is now the standard way to trigger a link-creation action
 * under the hood, this calls an editor._createLink method
 * core itself doesn't define editor._createLink -- instead, modules/CreateLink or plugins/Linker defines that method
 * double-clicking on an existing link to edit that link now works

It is also possible to trigger a link-edit action independent of the cursor position/selection.
The way to do this is `editor.execCommand("createlink", false, anchorEl)`

[gogo] Fix indexOf implementation (for IE), ticket:1532

[gogo] Patch for Mootools File Manager for deprecation of ereg in php.

[gogo] Update to latest Mootools File Manager

[wymsy] Hide media objects behind div-type dialogs. Ticket #1526

[wymsy] Extend freezescript to apply to plain script tags. Ticket #1525

[gogo] Add a script to make the release archives.

[gogo] Other browsers didn't like the IE fix, and don't need it either.

[gogo] Release notes for 0.96

[gogo] #1471 and #1508 Better fix for IE8 TableOperations (and others) and editing inside absolute positioned elements.

[gogo] ticket:1508
Potential fix for cursor problems in absolute positioned div in IE.

[gogo] ticket:1469
Updated danish translation.

[gogo] ticket:1492
Fix linker in some situations.

[gogo] Ticket:1485

Add a double-click handler which will bring up the link/image insertion dialogs (or ImageManager/Linker) when a link or image is double clicked.

[gogo] Ticket:1483 Fix cancel button in Equation editor.

[gogo] Tickets #1209 and #1182
Upgrade Equation to use new AsciiMath, fix multiple equation editing.
Thanks to Niraj Bhawnani of University of New South Wales.

[gogo] Inverted the parameters for the last changeset.

[gogo] ticket:1518

Issue an error and ignore the special backend configuration when the key location is non default, for both the ImageManager and ExtendedFileManager deprecated config passing methods.

[gogo] ticket:1518

Changeset requires that if a non default key location is used in xinha_pass_to_php_backend, that the same key location must also be passed as a parameter to xinha_read_passed_data.
Potentially this whole non-default thing could be stripped out as it's perhaps not that useful anyway, but seems reasonable to minimise the change in this manner.

[gogo] ticket:1515 Security patch to prevent rogue access to the compressors in contrib.

[wymsy] ticket #1509: prevent attempting to compress REs in Safari 4

[wymsy] config option to show fonts in toolbar using actual fonts. ticket #1507

[gogo] ticket:1502

The flash button for uploading was obstructing the upper left corner of the window from getting clicks.  Change to display:none it when the Mootools File Manager gets closed.

[gogo] Add attributes editing for FileManager mode of MootoolsFileManager

[gogo] ticket:1502

Add support for attributes being set in MootoolsFileManager for images.
Split out the "modes" of MootoolsFileManager into different javascript files.

[gogo] xinha_to_js did not handle booleans correctly

[gogo] Fix for Internet Explorer with MootoolsFileManager
Using loadScript and loadStyle is asynchronous in Internet Explorer which meant that the dependancies of MootoolsFileManager were not being included.
Added a Xinha.includeAssets method to handle this by making it possible to synchronously load these items.

 * Example Usage:
 * Xinha.includeAssets( 'foo.css', 'bar.js', [ 'foo.css', 'MyPlugin' ], { type: 'text/css', url: 'foo.php', plugin: 'MyPlugin } );
 * Alternative usage, use Xinha.includeAssets() to make a loader, then use loadScript, loadStyle and whenReady methods
 * on your loader object as and when you wish, you can chain the calls if you like.
 * Note whenReady can only have one active callback at a time, but once it's been called you can
 * issue another whenReady(), if there is nothing waiting to be loaded, it will be executed immediately.
 *   var myAssetLoader = Xinha.includeAssets();
 *       myAssetLoader.loadScript('foo.js', 'MyPlugin')
 *                    .loadStyle('foo.css', 'MyPlugin'); 

[gogo] You guessed it, another for changeset:1239

[gogo] One more for changeset:1239

[gogo] Correction to changeset:1239

[gogo] Add new plugin MootoolsFileManager

[wymsy] ticket #1499 - focus errors in new dialogs in IE

[wymsy] Ticket #1498 - color picker display in new dialogs in IE6

[wymsy] TransformInnerHtml handling of object tag - ticket #1497

[wymsy] Change license to HTMLArea - see http://xinha.org/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=2499

[wymsy] Make dialog title bar logo skinable - see #1496

[gogo] TIcket #1488 fix Control Selection in IE8

[ray] * Removed CC license from Tango iconset, as it seems not appropriate
* changed HtmlEntities plugin license to HTMLArea

[gogo] Ticket #1205

Add allow_delete and allow_edit to ImageManager
Add allow_delete to ExtendedFileManager

[ray] avoid unecessary pollution of global namespace

[ray] Mozilla changed navigator.productSub from a 12 digit number to a 10 digit number, so that recent Firefoxes triggered Xinha.is_ff2 because the number seemed lower.

[ray] Remove PersistantStorage from Newbie example, because it not actually usable atm

[gogo] Ticket #1479
Add CSSPicker plugin.

[gogo] Ticket #1282

Opera losing it's events when designMode turned on causing status bar to not update amongst other things.

[gogo] CSS fix in InsertSmiley (corrupting path)

[gogo] Ticket #1093
Ticket #1377

Rewrite the InsertSmiley plugin.  Remains compatible with ray's changes in r904 if people have made a specific configuration.


[gogo] Ticket #1388
Change &mdash; to &8212; for xml compatability. [fix commit mistake]

[gogo] Ticket #1388
Change &mdash; to &8212; for xml compatability.

[gogo] Ticket #1433

Add a SaveOnBlur plugin, authored by Peter Siewert (with a clean up by James Sleeman).

[gogo] Ticket #1262

Alternative method for restoring from fullscreen mode.

[gogo] Ticket #1419

Stylist display problem in IE6/7, HasLayout bug.

[gogo] Ticket #1409
Image Properties broken in ContextMenu

[gogo] Ticket #1189

An extra comma in that changeset.

[gogo] Ticket #1189

Add the xml:lang attribute to LangMarks plugin.

The configuration for this plugin has changed, old configurations are accepted with a warning to the console.

By default BOTH lang="" and xml:lang="" are emitted for compatability, simply remove one or the other from the LangMarks.attributes array.

Xinha.Config.prototype.LangMarks = {
  'languages': [
    { name:"Greek",   code: "el" } ,
    { name:"English", code: "en" },
    { name:"French",  code: "fr" } ,
    { name:"Latin" ,  code: "la" }  
  'attributes': [

[gogo] Ticket #1232
Clickable icons on ExtendedFileManager

[gogo] Ticket #1435
IE failed in TransformInnerHTML

[gogo] Tickets #1454 #1455 #1456 #1457 #1458 #1459 #1460

Spanish translations.

[gogo] Ticket #1461

Special characters in image make thumbnail not appear.

[gogo] Ticket #1465 

Add an option `resize_files` to both ExtendedFileManager and ImageManager, defaults true, false turns off the automatic image resizing.

[gogo] Ticket #1467

autofocus=false not working as expected.

[gogo] Contribution from Niels Baggesen to assist translators.
Ticket #1470

[gogo] Ticket #1471

Null selection in Internet Explorer makes createRange break.

[gogo] Ticket #1472 _top not respected in editing link.

[gogo] Updated Danish translation.

[gogo] Ticket #579

Pass value to dropdown handlers.

[gogo] Ticket #472 

Disable InsertPicture

[gogo] Ticket #1477

Danish translation for ExtendedFileManager and SuperClean

[gogo] Ticket #1121

Disable tab in Internet Explorer because it exits the Xinha area.

[gogo] Ticket #1198

Fix for bad sizing of editor.

[gogo] Ticket #1220

Add ability to pass extra arguments in the post to the backend handler for SuperClean.

[gogo] Ticket #1387

 * modules/insertImage/pluginMethods.js already fixed at some point
 * modules/InternetExplorer/InternetExplorer.js I've added in the patch, if it's preventing a crash I see no good reason to with-hold
 * plugins/ContextMenu/ContextMenu.js - patch not applied, _insertImage() is correct I think
 * plugins/ContextMenu/menu.css - patch applied, can't see any harm
 * popups/editor_help.html - patch applied, agree for the end user "Editor" is better than "Xinha"
 * XinhaCore.js - saveas button patch applied, missing return applied, removal of "false" not applied, I don't think the return is checked anywhere anyway so no need to change, GET vs HEAD already dealt with in #1429

[gogo] Ticket #1446
( Left in a path specific to my system in the testbed. )

[gogo] Ticket #1446

Provide a means for adding custom hooks into the ContextMenu plugin.
xinha_config.ContextMenu.customHooks = {
	 'a': [ 
		['Label', function() { alert('Action'); }, 'Tooltip', '/__classpath/xinha/images/ed_copy.gif' ] 

[gogo] Ticket #1448 
a[b.id] is undefined

[gogo] Rename wysiwyg-wrap to new naming scheme.

[gogo] Ticket #1227 

New boolean parameter to stylistLoadStyles, stylistLoadStylesheet, ripStylesFromCSSFile and ripStylesFromCSSString which allows to disable the reading of imports.

ripStylesFromCSSString can now handle imports also, import processing moved to this function.

Multi-level imports (imports from within imports) now also processed.

[gogo] Discussion in ticket #1478

== Creating Sub Classes ==
Addition of method `Xinha.extend`.  This method provides a means for more "classical" sub classing within javascript.  Short story,

    var Vehicle = function() { }
    Vehicle.prototype.horn = function() { alert('Toot'); }

    var Car = function() 
		Car.parentConstructor.call(this); // If you want to call it.
    Xinha.extend(Car, Vehicle);
    Car.prototype.horn = function() 
		Car.superClass.horn.call(this);  // If you want to call it.

remember the "call" method of javascript is `.call(<on-this-object>, arg, arg, arg ..)` and that you can also use the "apply" method to pass in arguments as an array which is `.apply(<on this object>, [arg, arg, arg])`, and that the arguments to your method are in the "arguments" array.

== Dialog Modification ==

Split out the setting of the localizer from the translation of HTML in source:trunk/modules/Dialogs/XinhaDialog.js by introducing a new method `Xinha.Dialog::setLocalizer()`, `Xinha.Dialog::translateHtml()` remains compatible, the localizer is optional to it.

== .htaccess Security ==

Further additions to the `.htaccess` files for the demo_images in ExtendedFileManager and ImageManager.  I think we should give consideration to just deleting these folders totally, over the last year I've had a number of instances of people coming to me with these folders filled with various malware.

== File-Picker on arbitrary fields outside Xinha (ExtendedFileManager) ==

Addition of a source:trunk/plugins/ExtendedFileManager/file-picker.js hijacking of the ExtendedFileManager in the same manner as the existing source:trunk/plugins/ImageManager/image-picker.js within ImageManager.  I'm putting this n there incase somebody finds it useful, but it may need some work as I don't use it myself any more.  I am likely to come up with a way to replace both ExtendedFileManager and ImageManager with the "[http://cpojer.net/Scripts/FileManager/Demos/ Mootools FileManager]", this is a very nice file manager with a similar dialog "look" to our new dialogs, and the very VERY important bonus of it being easy to upload multiple files at once with a progress indicator (using a hidden flash component to do the hard work).

== ImageManager to use hspace and vspace attributes instead of margin. ==

The addition of a config option to ImageManager "UseHSpaceVSpace" which swaps out the "margin" settings for the hspace and vspace attributes.  The reason for this apparent "old fashioned-ness" is that margin is less reliably honoured when the HTML is put into an email.

== !YouTube and Flickr added to the ImageManager ==

The addition of additional data sources (aka backends or choosers) to ImageManager, specifically "!YouTube" and "Flickr".

When one or both is enabled the user can use a selector in the image manager popup to choose from images on the local server, or search for videos on !YouTube, or images on Flickr.  

!YouTube is enabled by setting `$IMConfig['YouTube'] = TRUE;` when the user selects a video the large format video still is inserted into the Xinha area, with extra information on the query string.

Flickr is enabled by setting `$IMConfig['Flickr']['Key'] = 'your flickr api key here';`, when the user selects an image, the image is inserted into the Xinha area.

For videos especially there needs to be some extra processing to turn that into a video when the end user sees this HTML, this is done by the "smart-image.js" script in combination with the (included) swfobject.  In short, on the page WHERE YOU USE THE HTML (not where you are running Xinha to edit it) you will put this
   <script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/xinha/plugins/ImageManager/smart-image.js"></script>
   <body onload="SmartImages.replace_all();">
it will replace the still image with the video (provided javascript is on).

Smart-image will also add a little hover attribution to Flickr sourced images (ie, hover over the image an attribution link appears).  If you are going to use the Flickr source, then you must make sure you are legally permitted to do so, for one, your site can not be commercial.  I've provided you with the tools, just try not to shoot yourself.

== New Dialog Types ==

Added a new Dialog type "DetachedDialog".  This "faked" dialog extends the Xinha.Dialog and is a "drop in" replacement for it, the difference is the DetachedDialog is not associated to any instance of Xinha.  No Xinha needs to be instantiated for a "plugin" to use a DetachedDialog.  Where this is useful is in leveraging off plugins to provide functionality outside of Xinha, see link-picker.js below (in Linker).

Also added a new Dialog type "DivDialog".   Similar to the DetachedDialog, except the dialog HTML is written directly into an html element supplied to the dialog.  The use of this is similar to the above, providing a means for getting a plugin "away" from Xinha to provide it's services for other things.  This Dialog may need some work since it was written before the new Xinha.Dialog was created, in  brief test it worked mostly.  Worth keeping around as it's a pretty simple example of how a new Dialog type can be constructed by extending the existing one.

== Link-Picker  on arbitrary fields outside Xinha (Linker) ==

Added a "Link Picker" to leverage the Linker plugin for providing a "Browse" button next to normal input fields in order to select a link which is written into the field.

This is the initial usage of the DetachedDialog, the basic usage of this is described in the comments in that file source:trunk/plugins/Linker/link-picker.js

Hid all dotfiles from the Linker scanner, the linker shouldn't be showing "hidden" files.

CSS fix to dTree in linker, just to make sure it's styles were not getting clobbered.

== Stylist Duplicate Stylesheet Fix ==

Stop the Stylist from possibly adding a  duplicate stylesheet into pageStyleSheets, this was creating a subtle problem in certain circumstances.

== New Plugin: WysiwygWrap ==

Added a new plugin `WysiwygWrap`, basically this wraps the content of your Xinha with some specific elements you tell it, when in Wysiwyg mode, and strips them out again when you go back to code (or submit).  The idea is to make it so that, combined with an appropriate pageStyleSheet(s) you can more easily simulate in Xinha what it will "look like" when that HTML is "published" wherever it's getting published.  

It takes a simple configuration of `xinha.config.WysiwygWrap = { elements: [ list of the ancestor elements to insert, in order top down ] } `
  xinha.config.WysiwygWrap = { elements: ['div#outer', 'div.inner'] }

will produce this in your Xinha Wysiwyg mode html

	<div id="outer">
		<div class="inner">
			** Original Xinha Content For Editing Here **

so your pageStyleSheet would just make nice CSS for those outer and inner to make the html in the Wysiwyg mode look closer to how it would look "on the site".

In practice, I'm not sure this works that well, it seemed a good idea at the time, but it can be a bit fragile.

[ray] mistake

[ray] added toolbar config to Newbie example

[douglas] Fixes Ticket #1429 Problems with Apache and HEAD requests...

[ray] #1425 [SmartReplace][Gecko] When inserting opennng quote, the space before the cursor is deleted

[ray] * #1424 [IE8][DOMwalk] style attribute put in twice, once empty
  * #1423 [IE] inline style converted to lower case, which can break background images

[wymsy] Error thrown when try to edit <img> tag

[ray] updated compression script

[ray] updated release notes

[ray] #1374 Table insert not work in ie8

[ray] #1406 FullScreen module translation to Spanish

[ray] #1408 PHP5 IIS file upload problem

[ray] #1407 IE8 window resize causes infinite loop

[ray] #1392 too much recursion when setting HTML in fullPage mode using onGenerate/onGenerateOnce

[ray] #1390 PreserveScripts shorthand php tags

[ray] #1394 fullpage puts metas/ title all on the same line

[ray] fix regression from rev [1158]

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1386 by adding a value attribute to all checkboxes/radio buttons that didn't have any.

[ray] #1389 [IE6] selection lost when clicking toolbar button

[ray] [SmartReplace] Added French translation

[ray] #1382 IE QuirksMode dialog background falsely non-grey with modal dialogs, grey when dragging modeless dialogs

[ray] #1383 IE 7 Secure and Nonsecure Warning

[ray] #1381 IE QuirksMode dialog background rendered in wrong position when panel is detached

[ray] #1376 Dialogs are invisible in IE6

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1379 Firefox no longer corrupts image data from broken images

[ray] * added yuicompressor binary
* updated copyright notices to 2009

[ray] reverted "load file and have script in same script tag"

[nicholasbs] Fix release notes to include notes from previous releases
Change name from 0.96 to 0.96beta

[nicholasbs] Updated release notes for 0.96 beta1

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1316 When switching to text mode in IE, the cursor is not visible...

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1230 (popup menus disappear if page styles 'select' elements' widths with percent value)

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1298 (CSS styling gets inserted into table cell after viewing source in Safari)

I have not yet made this change in Gecko.js and InternetExplorer.js, since neither FF nor IE have this issue, even though they use the same regex. See ticket #1298 for details.

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1357 (safari form submit has empty form field names in POST data)

[ray] Updated inline documentation for XinhaCore.js and XinhaDialog.js

[gogo] Security patch - see ticket:1363

[nicholasbs] FIXES #314 (status bar screwed up when displaying long URL)

- updates status bar to hide overflow content
- adds standardized method (registerStatusWidget) for adding things to the status bar
- updates the CharCounter plugin to use this method
- updates the skins to work correctly with new status bar

[ray] * #1348 spice up dialog appearance with some CSS3 eyecandy
* add nice Tango icon for SuperClean
* use original icon for SmartReplace again

[ray] * #1346 statusbar shows b, i, strike instead of strong, em, and del
* #1329 [SmartReplace] replacement strings broken in compressed code broken

[ray] #1345 add a static function that saves the contents of all Xinhas to their respective textareas

[ray] #1330: fixed small bug

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1320 Finish up the span and transform wrapping of PNGs for toolbar images in IE 6 and 5.5

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1333 Update comment to reflect actual usage

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1193 (Removing style removes some of the text as well)

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1330 We now adjust links to allow referencing Xinha resources...

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1328 Remove unused images...

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1338 Duh, an HTMLCollection can't be sliced on IE.  THis version is cleaner to read, anyway, even if it requires storing an extra reference...

[nicholasbs] References #1335 (no obvious way to find out about xinha_config.autofocus option)

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1339 (setting autofocus to non-empty string focuses editor regardless of if the string matches the ID)

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1337 (GetHtml screws up links with dollars signs in them)

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1338 Autodetect _editor_url and adds some options for passing arguments

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1328 Fix some issues with document storage and UI behavior

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1309 (Xinha chokes on anchors)

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1332 use a slightly different class naming convention...

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1328 Update bad default width

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1328 Differentiate between importing files and saving documents

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1328 Add three images used by new dialogs...

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1328 Provide a stab at an updated Extended File Manager.  These new plugins provide document storage, saving files on the local computer with gears, user configuration, and a cleaner seperation of concerns...

[ray] added note about Style Guide in the wiki

[ray] fixed loads of stuff JSlint complained about

[ray] #1324 linker email link - no email field

[ray] * removed a console.log() call from Linker
* make icon for wysiwygmode and the one in the dialog caption iconset-able

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1325 Update the correct image file...

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1325 Update iconset to include an icon for a plugin.  This allows for a testcase.

[douglas] Add an iconset for the Tango icons...

[ray] * #326 make it possible to choose from different icon sets
* #1323 allow skins to have meta information (author, etc.)
* #1322 [SaveSubmit] error when form action is empty
* #1321 [SaveSubmit] icon is in "changed" state initially

[ray] UPDATED Ticket #1318: removed localized icon definitions from dejs and fr.js, since the new icons don't need it

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1318 Add a second icon for wysiwyg mode and add the rest of the updated tango icons...

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1318 Switch the buttons to a PNG, since we now support it.  Tango icons are now tiled icons...

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1318 Switch back to using tiled icons

[ray] #1320 make it possible to use png images as icons in IE6

[ray] #1319 make event hooks like onKeyPress accesible from the config object

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1318 Added some icons designed by the talented Andy Cochran and switched Xinha over to use them...

[ray] #1318 make 16x16 icons work

[douglas] Update CharacterMap to use the tango icon

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1315 Remove events also need to come from the correct phase

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1318 Switch over a number of icons to those coming from the Tango project...

[douglas] UPDATED Ticket #1318 Added a few initial icons from the tango project...

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1317 Add failure handlers to getback and postback functions
CHANGED Relaxed Success handling to support all HTTP success codes.

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1315 Firefox uses event bubbling so that events work the same on IE and other browsers.

[ray] #1311 new modals for "insert link" and "character map" appear behind parent modal

[nicholasbs] * Fixes #58 (configuration of allowed target types)
* Fixes #1308 (remove link button doesn't work, switching target types causes JS error)
* Clean up dialog html (remove embedded JavaScript)

[nicholasbs] Minor cleanup

[nicholasbs] Rest of fix for #1307 (toolbar disabled in textmode)

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1307 (toolbar disabled entirely when switching to text mode)

[nicholasbs] Fixes (for real this time) #1259 (fixes the ticket by correcting the selection restoration bug introduced by the previous fix).

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1306 We now pass the click event to the toolbar action.

[douglas] CHANGED Altered icon to look like a note with a foot.

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1305 Pinging on Opera uses GET instead of HEAD

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1259 (editor can be reactivated by tabbing when modal dialog is open)

Still needs to be tested in IE and Chrome.

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1304 getElementsByName now uses the Xinha function collectionToArray, which was updated with the speed trick from getElementsByName

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1296 (words in brackets replaced with dialog IDs)

[nicholasbs] Remove getElementsByClassName function now that Xinha's got it built in (thanks to #1303)

[ray] some small fixes

[ray] svn keywords have stopped being replaced, don't exactly know why; maybe because of change of repository url. Trying to fix by resetting all keywords

[ray] test, please ignore

[ray] test, please ignore

[ray] delete old about.html

[ray] * #1303 add getElementsByClassName()
* #1302 add Array.prototype.forEach for Browser that doesn't support it
* new version of about box implemented as module using new dialogs
* new version of dojo js compressor

[ray] * #1301 loading should not fail if plugin omits _pluginInfo
* #1300 create namespace for plugins within Xinha namespace

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1299 Add configuration options for streamlining the Linker UI

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1219 Add an option for autofocus to config that isn't hackish

[douglas] Ticket #1297 rename unsupported director to be more understandable

[nicholasbs] UPDATES #1283 (new-dialogs version of TableOperations is incomplete)
ids/names are now properly added to the dialog reverse lookup table

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1280 there was an extraneous 'editor' in the code...

[douglas] CHANGED Ticket #1290 At some point we stopped cleaning empty links.  They're just as useless as all the other empty tags

[douglas] Ticket #1297 Move certain plugins to an unsupported directory for phasing out, while still allowing them to load.

[ray] * fix repeated calls for registerPlugin() in module loading
* remove temporary fix for IE8, issue is resolved in beta2 (#1175)

[douglas] CHANGED Gah, I can't believe I checked this in.  Reverting accidental checkin.  I should have better reviewed my patch :-(

[douglas] CHANGED Ticket #1290 For my last fix I was testing against a cached copy.  This fixes bug in the last checkin.

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1290 Cleaning up Word HTML deal with misparented elements

[ray] #1292 change naming scheme of plugin files

[ray] #1292 test if renaming doesn't screw up history

[nicholasbs] Fix formatting and tabs

[nicholasbs] Fix formatting/tabs (remove actual tabs, replace with 2-space indents)

[ray] #1292 change naming scheme of plugin files

[ray] #1292 change naming scheme of plugin files

[ray] #1294 Editor higher in HTML mode

[ray] #1293 [Gecko] Window scrolls to top of editing area when switching from text to WYSIWYG

[ray] #1292 change naming scheme of plugin files

[ray] svn keywords are not substituted; trying if newly setting the property fixes this

[ray] fixed some unnecessarily global variables

[ray] #1280 restoreSelection doesn't always work in internet explorer

[ray] some fixes

[ray] #1187 ExtendedFileManager "imgManager.changeDir is not a function" error

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1290 Cleanup of Word and OpenOffice HTML junk

[nicholasbs] Fixes #1291 (incorrect reference returned by Xinha.removeFromParent())

[ray] #1224 sevenbitclean / ghost cursor error with html mode toggle

[ray] * #1289 InsertSnippet2
* #1288 [DefinitionList] list items restricted to small width and one line by CSS

[nicholasbs] Closes #1287 (plugin to handle footnotes)

[ray] added missing icon for dialog title bar

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1286 Allow callbacks as selection criteria.

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1285 It's possible to specify a class for the body element in Xinha

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1284 Leftover usage of _editor_url cleaned up

[douglas] FIXED Ticket #1176 Merging new dialogs branch back to trunk.

[ray] #721 [ContextMenu] do not overflow window boundaries

[ray] #1265 [TransformInnerHTML] Patch for correct handling of definition lists (dl, dt, dd)

[ray] syntax error in dutch language of DefinitionList plugin

[ray] #1221 [confirmed] selecting heading normal on nothing throws exception alert

[ray] #1227 @import rule & stylistLoadStylesheet

[ray] #1258 Event object is not handed over to event handlers installed on textarea

[ray] #1261 Dutch translation for Fullscreen module

[ray] #1257 Error if url query string included '/'

[ray] #1240 [PATCH] Linker: trim spaces from url

[ray] #1265 [TransformInnerHTML] Patch for correct handling of definition lists (dl, dt, dd)

[ray] #1266 Color Picker not positioned correctly inside scrolling <div>

[ray] #1247 CharCounter Problems with Silva skin

[douglas] ADDED Ticket #1217 Simple server to use for testing or demoing Xinha

[douglas] Ticket #1213 partial rollback of duplicated code...

[douglas] Ticket #1213 Enhancement to prevent users from accidentally throwing away their changes...

[ray] fixed RegExp that extracts revision number, etc. from svn keywords

[ray] * #1202 [Stylist] broken in IE
 * #1158 (When I use plugins/ImageManager in Japanese environment, an error occurs by reading of lang/ja.js in IE6/7.)
 * #1194 ([ExtendedFileManager] updates French translation)
 * updated release-notes.txt

[ray] #1195 Allow to specify an external url to load a plugin from

[ray] * #1201 Add inwardHtml/outwardHtml functions to Config object
 * Improved method for finding editing position in Gecko/Webkit

[ray] #1197 [Linker] Patch for files[i].length, IE shows bug in line 262

[ray] * #1197 [Linker] Patch for files[i].length, IE shows bug in line 262  
 * #1200 [Linker] Dialog does not show if scanned folder empty

[ray] #1172 [LangMarks] make available languages configurable

[ray] #1186 strip xinha_config.baseHref AND location.href from paths

[ray] small fixes to the extended example menu

[ray] #1186 strip xinha_config.baseHref AND location.href from paths

[ray] #1172 [LangMarks] make available languages configurable

[ray] * updated copyright notices
 * freshed up icons for PreserveScripts a bit

[ray] #1184 Russian translations for PasteText and Stylist plugins

[ray] * #1181 [TableOperations] IE: Table Options dialog first entry for border style faulty
 * #1185 [TableOperations] IE: style float broken
 * #1119 [ContextMenu] optionally switch of Firefox Spell check

[ray] #1179 minor html syntax changes

[ray] #1171 SmartReplace could also replace three dots with an ellipsis

[ray] #1155 InsertAnchor broken in IE 7

[ray] #30 disabled Xinha.collectGarbageForIE()
 #1173 IE8 beta toolbars broken
 #1174 IE8 beta no text cursor in wysiwyg
 #1175 IE8 beta DomWalk broken

[ray] #1161 permission error from ColorPicker.js

[ray] * #1160 Safari puts selected HTML near bottom if edited
 * #1157 FF3B3 and popups

[ray] #1155 InsertAnchor broken in IE 7

[mharrisonline] Applied fix from Gocher for ticket #1152, fixes surroundHTML in IE

[ray] Opera fix for [SmartReplace]

[gogo] Ticket:1151 action attribute of forms needed to have relative links fixed.

[gogo] Final part of commit for initial Opera 9.2 (or better, 9.5) support, see #938 .

[gogo] Two part commit for initial Opera 9.2 (or better, 9.5) support, see #938 .

[ray] Safari bug in SmartReplace

[ray] fix

[ray] added proper check for WebKit version

[ray] #1150 synchronize "Remove Format" between browsers

[ray] * #1149 [Safari] retain editing position doesn't work
 * #1148 HTML entities break when cursor is inside when switching from HTML to WYSIWYG
 * #1147 getSelectedHTML() throws error when nothing is selected
 * #1146 [ExtendedFileManager] IE6  doesn't  show images

[ray] #1143 add Safari support

[ray] copied changes from branch 0.95_stable

[ray] some fixes

[ray] * one more attempt to properly fix #1136
 * added compression script for yui_compressor (though not going to use it)
 * removed some evitable uses of eval()
 * removed alerts for very old Geckos, because the seem to fire with recent versions of Safari

[ray] updated release-notes.txt

[ray] another approach to  #1040

[ray] #1119 disabled Firefox 2 spell check when ContextMenu is enabled

[ray] fix for the last fix

[ray] * #1040 htmlRemoveTags doesn't work in IE
 * #1015 Mozilla shows scrollbars on click in Stylist

[ray] #918 mozParaHandler dirty broken for a long time; removed
 #988 Javascript do disable inline event handler wrongly checked for Xinha in top frame instead of parent

[ray] * fixed wrong encoding in Spanish language file
 * fixed no bold/italic/underline in Spanish
 * another try to fix toolbar select height for FF3 Linux

[ray] * #645 Save as function only saves the original html
 * #442 remove alert "Your Document is not well formed..."
 * #383 [ImageManager][ExtendedFileManager] Spanish translation
 * #1138 added API functions Xinha.getEditor(), Xinha.prototype.getPluginInstance(), Xinha.addOnloadHandler()

[ray] * #1137 [Equation] FF3 fixes & improved way of avoiding formula changes in editor
 * #1136 FF3 Linux select boxes in toolbar are too small

[ray] updated release-notes.txt

[ray] #1130 baseHref not correctly treated -- new solution

[ray] #1115 Dialogs not working on firefox 3 fix for ExtendedFileManager

[ray] fixed an error from rev [937] and replaced linux.gif from demo_images that was somehow broken

[ray] #1132 [ExtendedFileManager] new Version

[ray] #1120 HTML select overlaps color picker

[ray] #1112 yet another fix

[ray] #853 updated Translation for farsi

[ray] #1126 Percent (%) in URL prevent stripSelfNamedAnchors from working

[ray] another fix for #1112 for FF3

[ray] #1128 loading fails when Fullscreen tried to load as plugin

[ray] #1112 retain editing position between modes generates char 173 in source code

[ray] * #1115 Dialogs not working on firefox 3
 * #1127 InsertImage and probably other things using insertNodeAtSelection() not working in FF3

[gogo] ticket:993 - move pageStyle to over ride pageStylesheets
ticket:961 - make fixRelativeLinks work better with standard compliant baseHref, I'm pretty sure this will be OK, we can't put off changing it forever.

[gogo] Correction to reference to Xinha object/namespace in the ImageManager.

[gogo] Allow specification of base url to use (so that a subdirectory can be used as $dir and return appropriate urls to the files (prefixing the url)).

[gogo] Allow return of PHP array from xinha_pass_to_php_backend

[ray] #1109 Spanish language extended

[ray] #1116 [ExtendedFileManager] added French translation

[ray] #1117 IE returns javascript error -1072896658

[ray] #1105 [Enhancement][XinhaCore] Convert all textareas in a document

[wymsy] Restore another config feature accidentally disabled in rev 818

[wymsy] fix for ticket #1103: correct backreference in replace()

[ray] #1100 Extended File Manager - Error after opening window

[ray] #1099 new XinhaLoader for early loading message

[ray] #1098 New plugin PreserveScripts for enhanced editing of pages containing PHP and/or JavaScript

[ray] Loading message facelift

[ray] Ticket #1098 New plugin PreserveScripts for enhanced editing of pages containing PHP and/or JavaScript

[wymsy] fix for ticket #1094

[wymsy] replace toolbar config option partially removed at rev 818

[wymsy] correct regexp 7 for unicode html entities (ticket #1086)

[wymsy] better fix for ticket #1086

[wymsy] ticket #1086. RegExps to remove disabling of inline event handlers not working in FF.

[ray] * added Xinha copyright notice to XinhaCore.js and about popup (see #916)
 * compress.php now adds a prefix to each file stating that this is a compressed file an uncompressed version of which can be found on Xinha.org; XinhaCore.js additionally keeps copyright & licensing info

[ray] #1093 [InsertSmiley] remove smiley gifs from trunk

[ray] #1091 SaveSubmit does not correctly submit value of checkboxes and radio buttons

[ray] #1089 Color Picker: Localize OK Label

[ray] #1087 remove the Unicode Byte-Order Mark (BOM): reverted changes from rev [895]

[ray] removed tabs inserted in last commit

[ray] #1078 InsertImage spacing attributes: inconsistent behaviour when editing image

[ray] #1081 Control character is not being removed inside SCRIPT tags or HEAD when switching from textmode to htmlmode

[ray] small bug in examples/testbed.html

[ray] #1087 remove the Unicode Byte-Order Mark (BOM)

[ray] * #1083 Convert URLs to links - Error
 * #1084 URL auto-linking (Gecko): URLs with user:password at domain.tld falsely recognized as email address
 *  #1085 URL auto-linking (Gecko): IP numbers don't work

[ray] * #1079 Plugin DynamicCSS lists Xinha internal CSS
 * #1080 Some plugins leave behind stylesheet links in fullpage mode

[ray] #1074 SuperClean throws warnings in PHP 5

[ray] #1074 SuperClean throws warnings in PHP 5

[ray] #1001 Editor loads a bunch of null urls in ie

[ray] #1071 ExtendedFileManager: external image URL image inserted with width/height 0

[ray] #1070 Portuguese Brazilian Language Pack and Base Language Pack with new lc_parse

[ray] #1066 Thai translation

[ray] #1069 Editor document URL prefixed to any href that only consists of URL parameters

[gogo] Just checking that commits are working.  Ignore me.

[wymsy] ticket #1068

[ray] #1001 Editor loads a bunch of null urls in ie

[ray] silva skin bug: padding and border on textarea make the textmode too wide

[ray] * #1059 Equation plugin loosing formula onsubmit
 * #1060 Equation plugin various updates

[ray] #1026 Skins referenced with <link>-tags don't work anymore

[gogo] ImageManager wasn't resizing and also was generating errors because the iframe didn't load popups/popup.js to 
define Xinha.*


[ray] #1053 ListType plugin doesn't work in panel config with multiple editors

[ray] #1048 Full Screen plugin doesn't load if many editors on page

[ray] * added new hook 'onBeforeUnload' for firePluginEvent()
 * Equation plugin: preserve formula on reload in Mozilla
 * Equation plugin: updated ASCIIMathML.js

[ray] added new hook 'onBeforeSubmit' for firePluginEvent()

[ray] #1054 Dutch language files

[ray] * #968 spaces are stripped from before and after tags
 * added loading message in loadPlugins()

[gogo] ticket:1055 - for some reason context was never properly checked

[gogo] ticket:1028  - automatically (attempt to) work around an issue with mod_security being 
triggered because of the charset on our POST requests, revert back to using postback in 
Linker ( changeset:837 )

[gogo] Small addition to changeset:867 to get popupURL to also return a fully absolute 
http/https URL (one with scheme) untouched.  Maybe should also do for any scheme looking 

[gogo] ticket:1050 - allow for full configurability of config.URIs.base (and a couple of others)

[gogo] ticket:973 fix freezescript regexps

[ray] catch error in IE when trying to restore selection on non-displayed area

[ray] Ticket #968 (reopened) spaces are stripped from before and after tags

[ray] * Ticket #1019 Cusor not jumping to editable part of window when clicked in IE7
 * Ticket #1046 Error in IE 6 when switching from text to wysiwyg
 * DOMwalk: linebreaks inserted before <br />s

[ray] small fix

[ray] * Ticket #1039 Firefox full page adds multiple paragraphs after view source
 * Ticket #1019 Cusor not jumping to editable part of window when clicked in IE7

[ray] Yet some more HTML fixes

[ray] * fixed some HTML errors in various files
 * add setValues() to Xinha.PanelDialog.prototype.show()

[ray] Ticket #1036 ExtendedFileManager really slow to load

[wymsy] Change namespace from HTMLArea to Xinha in all the plugins - ref ticket #916

[wymsy] fix for ticket #1035

[gocher] change htmlarea to Xinha in plugin Forms and some formating

[gocher] change htmlarea to Xinha in plugin InsertSmiley and some formating

[gocher] change htmlarea to Xinha in plugin Template

[gocher] change htmlarea to Xinha in plugin SetId

[gocher] change htmlarea to Xinha in plugin LangMarks

[gocher] change htmlarea to Xinha in plugin Filter

[gocher] change htmlarea to Xinha in plugin DoubleClick

[gocher] change htmlarea to Xinha in plugin CharCounter

[gocher] change htmlarea to Xinha in plugin Abbreviation

[gocher] - integrate new config settings in the example:
sizeIncludesPanels, htmlareaPaste, getHtmlMethod, undoTimeout, changeJustifyWithDirection, fullPage, pageStyle, expandRelativeUrl, maikeLinkShowsTarget, stripScripts

[htanaka] #874 Japanese translation for added string

[koto] - updated Polish translation for ExtendedFileManager

[koto] - updated Polish translation for ExtendedFileManager

[koto] - small bugfix for #874

[koto] Ticket #1034 Color pickers shown when use_color_pickers is false

[wymsy] tickets #1030 & #1031: slow loading large pages in IE

[ray] Ticket #543: Stylist throws an error in IE(7?) when switching between modes

[ray] Ticket #1028 Linker scan.php produces HTTP errors (405/501)

[gogo] A few more remaining instances of attempts to use FullScreen as a 
plugin in the examples.

[gogo] FullScreen is not a plugin any more.

[wymsy] fix problems with loading skins - ticket:1026

[gogo] Patch ImageManager to behave better with Opera - ticket:1025

[gogo] Example was slightly faulty.

[gogo] Add generic input field Image URL picking functionality to the ImageManager.
See ticket:1024

[gogo] Add config item to allow the advanced image options to be hidden from the user.

[gogo] Missing encodeURIComponents

[gogo] Prevent ExtendedFileManager from masking ImageManager

[gogo] Add config option to not dispaly toolbar buttons (useful with ContextMenu loaded).

To turn off:
  xinha_config.TableOperations.showButtons = false; 

Defaults to on (of course).

See Ticket:1020

[ray] Ticket #1019 Cusor not jumping to editable part of window when clicked in IE

[guillaumed] last comma missing

[ray] updated release-notes

[ray] Ticket #127 Entities.js file corrupt


[ray] prevent an error if server is set to parse .js files as PHP

[ray] Ticket #1012  added Basque translation


[ray] Ticket #1010 Documentation: JSdoc

[wymsy] Added new config variables to set iframe width if less than editor width (ticket:322) and set alignment of toolbar buttons.

[wymsy] ticket:735 - IE eating scripts and comments at the beginning of pages.

[ray] Ticket #1000 public method for getting/setting editor content (including outwardHtml()/inwardHtml())

[htanaka] Ticket #1005 misspelled word

[htanaka] Ticket #1002 fix problem of floating tool bar.

[ray] Ticket #1004 popupwin.js localization error: can't translate ok and cancel buttons

[ray] made a copy

[ray] Ticket #1003 plugin CharCounter: add config option for maxHTML

[htanaka] more Japanese translation for #939.

[wymsy] Fix focus problem when switching from html to wysiwyg in Gecko. See ticket #900.

[ray] * Ticket #998 whitespace added before and/or after content (in non-fullpage mode)
 * disabled Xinha.collectGarbageForIE() for Mozilla, see Ticket #30

[ray] I had accidentially commited a version of stylist.js that contained the patch from Ticket #945 in rev [780], which was not fully functional. This version contains the fix for Ticket #543, whhithout this

[ray] added missing quote

[guillaumed] lang/fr updated
.setting added in unversionned (if project used in eclipse)

[wymsy] Fixes for TableOperations, tickets #82, #908, #912 and #947

[ray] Ticket #908 Prompts broken in IE7: fixed for EFM & ImageManager

[ray] new translations for loading messages

[ray] some work on the loading messages.
 * added functions for adding loading messages for textareas (before Xinha has loaded)
 * moved creating of loading message into separate function
 * added translations (translators see wiki/TranslationChanges)

_getback() & _loadback(): added URL to error message

added function to calculate the page size

some changes in popups.js

[ray] Ticket #990 JS error when tabbing in the Crop tool

[ray] added functions to handle storing/restoring of selections: Xinha.prototype.saveSelection/Xinha.prototype.restoreSelection
 * Returns a range object to be stored 
 * and later restored with Xinha.prototype.restoreSelection()
 * @returns Range
Xinha.prototype.saveSelection = function()

 * Restores a selection previously stored
 * @param savedSelection Range object as returned by Xinha.prototype.restoreSelection()
Xinha.prototype.restoreSelection = function(savedSelection)

[ray] Ticket #988 elements that have some javascript event hard coded in it's TAG is still enabled in WYSIWYG mode

[ray] * Ticket #226 loadPlugins() _loadback() etc design flaw causing endless loops on plugin error.
 * Ticket #985 Modules loaded once per editor instance

[ray] "silva skin update: fix toolbar border error in IE6"

[ray] Ticket #866 Reducing image sizes without loss

[ray] Ticket #407 including xinha_config.js

[ray] Ticket #984 ExtendedFileManager produces php warning

[ray] Ticket #30 the Xinha.free() method added to updateToolbar() in rev [780] is INCREDIBLY slow

[ray] Ticket #983 Id for iframe

[ray] * Ticket #543 Stylist Panel overflow broken
* Ticket #30 about memory use

[ray] Ticket #30 Closed some DOM leaks detected by drip

[ray] see Ticket #981 changed config var to xinha_config.browserQuirksMode = true|false

[ray] Ticket #981: added config option for doctype (xinha_config.doctype)

[ray] Ticket #981 No doctype in iframe content document/ editor always in quirks mode

[ray] Ticket #980 ImageManager color format bug

[guillaumed] French version for SaveSubmit

[ray] Ticket #929 Save changes on page unload

[ray] * Ticket #977 TableOperations toolbar off-place in ext_example.html
 * Ticket #978 defining a padding for <td>s in global css affects Xinha framework
 * Ticket #979 improve checking for non-supported browsers
 * Ticket #934 SuperClean plugin returns just quotation when executed on localhost

[ray] Ticket #976 Loading message misplaced in IE7

[ray] see #938 -- restored [736] with fix for #972

[ray] undid changes of rev [763] see Ticket #938

[gocher] Ticket #938
Editor does not come up under Opera 9.10

the Core does

[ray] * Ticket #968 spaces are stripped from before and after tags
 * Ticket #969 DOMwalk Gecko: line breaks rendered as <br>s inside <pre> blocks

[ray] Ticket #967 Font Color Picker and Image Manager not playing nice

[ray] Ticket #965 When switching between Xinhas in the same page, code mode won't restore access

[htanaka] #958 Xinha._resolveRelativeUrl has been moved to before first using.

[ray] * Ticket #963 DOMwalk IE: head tag attributes without quotes and closing slash
 * Ticket #962 DOMwalk: Source looks better in IE than in Gecko

[ray] #900: catch an error in fullpage mode in gecko

[ray] Ticket #957 If item in in xinha_editors is not a textarea: skip gracefully

[ray] SmartReplace update: now uses inline dialog for settings

[ray] made a copy

[ray] translation flaw

[ray] typo

[ray] added php script for compression of all appropriate files

[ray] SuperClean: Ticket #905 Problems with compression / List of incompatible files

[ray] HtmlEntities plugin set ISO-8859-1 preset as default

[ray] oh, forgot a debugging call

[ray] Ticket #955 DOMwalk getHTML outputs empty attribute with value "true" instead of attribute name

[ray] Ticket #603 Popop Dialog Height

[ray] If you change XinhaCore.js, please follow the coding style documented in the comment at the top of the file. Also try to find a appropriate position if you add new functions (this will be in the least of cases right at the beginning)

[ray] FullScreen update:
 * Ticket #954 FullScreen: deeper integration
 * Ticket #321 FullScreen : select elements show through in IE6
 * Ticket #953 Statusbar has ugly white gap at the bottom when switching back from full screen in IE
 * Ticket #952 FullScreen: scrollbars don't disappear in IE in QuirksMode

[ray] Ticket #594 IE: insertHTML() inserts HTML outside editor when editor is not focussed

[ray] Ticket #951 Editor dose not fit to brouser edges in full-screen mode

[htanaka] about #939 Japanese translation follow to move of  !FullScreen component.
(it had moved from "plugins" to "modules" at [694] while translating...)

[htanaka] fix #950 all terms in ContextMenu will be translated even if baseHref is specified.
* _editor_url might be converted as absolute if it is relative.
* _resolveRelativeUrl function was moved from insert_image.html to Xinha core class.

[htanaka] fix #949 InsertImage dialog can preview stripped url image.

[htanaka] fix #940 toolbar can contain buttons produced by plugin now.

[ray] see Ticket #459 all body attributes removed in full page mode in FireFox

[ray] see Ticket #823 form.submit() fix

[htanaka] Japanese translation follow Lnker update [728]

[ray] Linker update:
 * added Xinha.Config.prototype.Linker.treeCaption that allows to freely configure the heading for the files tree
 * added white background for tree (gives more clearly arranged look)
 * clear example URL on focus
 * hide "remove link" button when not editing a link
 * changed button texts from ALL CAPITALS to normal case (also in SuperClean) to harmonize with the other plugins
 * expanded checked to checked="checked" in dialog.html

[ray] SaveSubmit update
 * improved detection of changed state
 * improved handling of shortcut key
 * reset changed state on udo

[ray] HorizontalRule update 
 * use CSS for styling
 * use Xinha.colorPicker
 * removed note about double clicking to select hr (see #3)

[ray] Ticket #948 IE: inline styles are not rendered by DOMwalk getHTML()

[ray] added Xinha.prototype.insertNodeAtSelection for IE

[ray] Ticket #937 Table Properties popup - bad size in IE7 - you can't see buttons

[ray] HtmlEntities: included preset for iso-8859-1

[ray] Ticket #946 __dlg_translate ignore input button labels

[ray] Typo

[htanaka] to fix reopened #939.
 * translate a new message in TableOperations.
 * fix bug in DefinitionList.

[ray] * PasteText general update
 * Ticket #943 Paste Plain Text bad syntax when pasting in p or inline element
 * added checkbox to let the user select if the text is to be wrapped in paragraphs
 * added config to select whether the checkbox is to be displayed
 * added config to set initial state of checkbox

[ray] EFM: added doc to allowed upload extensions

[ray] Ticket #3 Horizontal Rule Selection

[htanaka] Ticket #939 Japanese translation finished.
fix translation capability of Forms,FormOperations,InsertMarquee and NoteServer.
append Japanese to language option in ext_example page.
(Forms became silent in updating properties, and fixed <FORM> tag update problem.)

[ray] * Ticket #935 EFM demo_images php upload allowed: possible security risk
 * fixed paths for inline_dialog.js in FormOperations/form-operations.js

[ray] removed spurious whitespace changes from rev [711]

[ray] see #900 retain editing position position between modes

[ray] Ticket #930 Automatic conversion of URLS to Links: added note that it cannot be turned off in IE

[ray] * EFM: enable translation of loading message 
 * some small fixes

[ray] Ticket #928 ImageManager fails if (another) Files.php exists in include path

[ray] Ticket #928 ImageManager fails if (another) Files.php exists in include path

[ray] see Ticket #900 retain editing position position between modes

[ray] see Ticket #900 retain editing position position between modes

[ray] Ticket #925 Typo in popups/link.html

[ray] changed name of of colorPicker() to Xinha.colorPicker() see #923

[ray] Ticket #900 retain editing position position between modes

[ray] one more amendmend to [700] + [701]

[ray] * Ticket #924 EFM + ImageManager re-transforming of url to original image after automatic resize broken
 * correction to rev [700]

[ray] Ticket #923 colorPicker face lift & localisation

[ray] Ticket #921 EFM extended file manager - iframe height problem (IE)

[ray] Ticket #921
EFM extended file manager - iframe height problem (IE)

[ray] Ticket #920

[ray] small fix to Xinha.prototype._toggleBorders (Gecko)

[ray] add the option to provide the url to Xinha._loadlang()

[gogo] Merge from branches/688-fixup to complete the fix of changeset:688 to 
have history.  See ticket:10 for info.

For reference, this is how I fixed it...
1. Checkout
2. Rolled back the bad revision (svn merge -c -688) in the WC
3. Copied that WC to a branch to work on (branches/688-fixup)
4. Checkout copy of the branch
5. In branch, use svn mv and svn cp to shift the files properly
6. Checkout a copy of the trunk
7. Apply any remaining differences from the trunk to the branch 
   (manually, just copy the files across)
8. Checkin the branch
9. Checkout 2nd copy of trunk as merge_WC
10. svn merge trunk_WC at 688 branch_WC at HEAD merge_WC
11. Verify that there are no differences in the files between the
    three working copies (the only difference now should be history)
12. checkin the merge_WC (this commit)

As you can see, it's a complete pain to fixup these, so please everybody 
be careful to use the correct subversion commands when you move (rename) 
and copy files.

[ray] This is a grand scale sorting and structuring action, see #10

[gocher] replace unused check message

[gocher] Update InsertPicture plugin

[ray] Ticket #556 stripBaseHref

[ray] Ticket #917 getHTMLWrapper in IE renders attributes like _stylist_usedtobe="[object Object]"

[ray] Ticket #816 CharacterMap and ListType panel modes make editor jump to top in IE

[ray] #10: moved Xinha.prototype.dom_checkInsertP() to Gecko plugin

[ray] Ticket #916 TODO: Change plugins to use Xinha object name

[ray] Ticket #915
Firefox crashes when switching to htmlmode if any panel is present

[ray] fixed ExtendedFileManager broken by rev [660]

[ray] * applied new non-underscored function names to core files
 * added file info header to getHTML.js, insert_image.js, link.js
 * updated release-notes.txt

[ray] set svn:keywords property for the new files & all plugins

[ray] see Ticket #913

[ray] * table-operations.js: #912 prevent an error im Mozilla when clicking merge cells btn and fewer than 2 cells are selected
 * popupwin.js: switched css to Xinha.css
 * fixed broken code to check context attributes canged in [654] to work without variable name inside evaled string

[gogo] ticket:10 Further work on code separation etc.

[ray] * Ticket #911 Background color does not work in Firefox
 * Ticket #619 useCSS is deprecated for midas engine

[gogo] Cleanup a few things..
ticket:901 - the config variable (debatable if required) should be on by default, because IE does it by default (built in), this variable only affects Gecko, and the 
functionality once worked as default, before a bug made it stop working.
ticket:10 changset:635 - cleaned up the separation of browser specific functionality and made it use the plugin architecture to do it's job.  There is more to do in 
cleaning up browser specific bits of XinhaCore.js, for example EnterParagraphs plugin loading should be part of the Gecko layer now, browser specific config variables 
should move to for example "Xinha.Gecko.paragraphHandler".  I also think the browser specific files should be in a folder, perhaps Browser/Gecko.js instead of 

[ray] see #445

[gogo] ticket:841 Spell Checker - Won't return to xinha.

[gogo] ticket:857 Firefox fails to load in fullpage mode when <link ..> tag in 
wrong place.

[gogo] ticket:891 noscript content got escaped

[gogo] ticket:860 removed error message that seems unuseful.

[gogo] ticket:570 change behaviour of justify when an image is selected to make 
the image float left/right, click the justify button again to undo it.

[gogo] Small fix, iframe may not exist when panel modifications are done, so 
catch the exception on the scrolling and ignore it.

[gogo] ticket:816 In IE, when showing a panel the change in the dimension of 
the iframe caused the scroll point to change.  Modified it to scroll to 
che parent element of the selection point, this is about as close as we 
can get.

[gogo] ticket:650 SpellChecker + FullPage

[gogo] ticket:551 - shape and coord attributes of area element are ignored by 
IE.  Who knows how many other attributes are ignored by IE!

[gogo] Fix ticket:445

[ray] EFM: fixed some minor XHTML syntax stuff

[gogo] Make htmlarea.js just load XinhaCore.js instead of being a copy of it.

[gogo] ticket:831 stop empty anchors from being removed

[ray] * Ticket #906 + #907 fixed in trunk, tags + releases
 * added hotfix 2 with respective fix

[ray] * XinhaCore.js: changed needless use of eval() at one position see Ticket #905
 * added hotfix for 0.9beta
  * updated XinhaCore.js 
  * included uncompressed super-clean.js

[ray] ATTENTION: htmlarea.js is now replaced by XinhaCore.js

[ray] Ticket #11 Change HTMLArea objects/namespace to Xinha

[niko] disable language-parse-script for security reasons

[ray] moved loading of color_picker.js in HTMLArea.prototype._colorSelector()  see #10

[ray] ATTENTION: please be sure to include all new files added in rev [635] when you do an update 
see #10


[ray] Ticket #901 automatic conversion of URLs to links broken

 * fixed issue
 * added config var xinha_config.convertUrlsToLinks default false (which is consistent for URLs, because these weren't converted before due to the bug and inconsisten for email addresses)

[ray] silva: a new skin for Xinha

[ray] Ticket #448 Dragging an image in Firefox changes the url from absolute to relative
 * added config.expandRelativeUrl default true
 * if true relative src & href urls are expanded to absolute urls

[ray] EFM update:
 * make the files display area scale with the window
 * prevent insertion an empty img when no image is selected, remove the selected img when url field is cleared
 * prevent insertion of border styles in IE when no border is selected
 * heading of popup changed from "File Manager" to "Insert Image" and "Insert File Link" respectively

htmlarea.js: new function HTMLArea.viewportSize()

full-screen.js: use above function to detect viewport size

[ray] InsertSnippet update:
 * added backend config option to specify snippets file
 * added automatic referencing of pageStyleSheets in the popups/insertsnippet.html
 * improved loadback of snippets
   * asynchronous
   * once on load instead of twice each time of use
 * added readme.html

[ray] Ticket #899: JSlint proposed improvements in the Javascript

[ray] fix for [620]: keep scripts in IE didn't work like I thought

[ray] Plugin Equation (aka ASCIIMath): some updates

[ray] Ticket #895
Full Page Mode broken in Simple Example (the one with two editors) in IE7

[ray] Ticket #896
Missing ";" after HTMLArea.prototype._shortCuts breaks Xinha when compressed with no linebreaks

[ray] Ticket #894 color_picker.js:

add z-index to color picker to show it over full screen editor

[ray] Ticket #893
GetHtml: config.only7BitPrintablesInURLs not working properly

[ray] oops, a bug...

[ray] Improve the handling of JavaScript inside the editor (see #685)[[BR]]
Before this patch JavaScript is kept in Mozilla, whereas in IE the contents of script nodes is lost while the tags remain 
 * changed HTMLArea.getHTMLWrapper to keep scripts intact or optionally strip the whole tag
 * new config.stripScripts to control this
  * set to true by default to be consistent
 * implemented freezescript solution proposed by mharrisonline to prevent scripts from being executed in the editor

[gocher] New version of the charcounter plugin with max HTML length

[gocher] enamble form elements only in forms

[ray] * htmlarea.js: Ticket #870 fixRelativeLinks strips baseHref from content
 * enter-paragraphs.js: corrected misspelled breal => break
 * popup.js: added th to translated tags

[ray] Ticket #887 Heading changes into an incorrect tag

[ray] HtmlEntities: new plugin, see ticket #127

[ray] htmlarea.js: Ticket #886
Code to handle shortcuts moved from _editorEvent() to separate function

[ray] Equation: new version
Discussion: Ticket #877

[ray] ext_example-body.html: moved _editor_lang & _editor_skin to init function because of error thrown when menu-frame document not ready

[ray] Preparations for AsciiMath plugin

[ray] SaveSubmit: added Russian translation

[ray] Added notice about implicit UTF-8 encoding of data (see Ticket #882)

[ray] Ticket #881 EFM: return to the directory last open

[wymsy] Ticket #823. Automatically calls onsubmit() when using a script to submit xinha in a form.

[ray] New plugin: SmartReplace converts ",', and - to typographic better quotes and dash


[ray] see Ticket #874

[ray] Ticket #873 ExtendedFileManager nl.js

[wymsy] roll back changeset:599 - doesn't work in IE

[wymsy] Fix for ticket #847, plus simplified several other regexps

[wymsy] Enhanced color picker widget. Numerous improvements by mokhet and wymsy, see ticket #85 for details.

[wymsy] Add onsubmit event handlers to any textareas that don't have one. Ticket #823

[wymsy] Reinstate fix for ticket #487 from changeset:502, accidentally removed in changeset:505

[ray] #856 ContextMenu event handler oddity

[ray] Ticket #525 CSS background not applied to whole iframe

[ray] Ticket #862 Adding target to a link on an image doesn't work on creation

[ray] * Ticket #863 Using Esc in dialog creates error
 * popup.js  __dlg_init() called with win_dim 
  * old behaviour Mozilla: popup centered in the middle of the window, IE: popup in the upper left corner
  * new behaviour: IE centered in the middle of the screen

[ray] * EFM: added possible configuration value "max" for $IMConfig['max_filesize_kb_link'] and $IMConfig['max_filesize_kb_image']

 * php-xinha.php: I assume that this is the right place for general utility functions?

[koto] - updated full example code (fixed a few HTML warnings)
  - font in full_example.css is now smaller for longer extension names to fit
  - deleted subversion 'format' file
  - updated Polish translation file

[koto] - bugfix for Linker plugin ( "syntax error" message was displayed instead of links)

[ray] EFM: add class for skinning

[koto] - Small fix in polish translation file

[koto] ExtendedFileManager bugfixes:
 - editor does not display 'save' icon on systems that do not have Tahoma font installed
   (see http://xinha.gogo.co.nz/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=672)
 - small i18n fixes
 - added 'alt; attribute for new img element inserted in changeset:579
 - cleaned up polish l10n file
 - ImageManager Files::formatSize returns MB/KB instead of Mb/Kb
 - small whitespace fixes in ImageManager/Classes/ImageManager.php

[ray] Ticket #842
Patch to fix IE browser back button

[ray] ExtendedFileManager: added translations (#855)

[ray] HTMLArea._lc (): Alternative way of passing dynamic replacements to localization. See #854

[gocher] Make TableOperations skinable

[ray] OK, a.getAttribute('href') seems to work much better than a.href

[ray] Linker update: 
* update the selection after inserting link (See ticket #839)
* fixed a bug that prevented linking over more than one node correctly
* fixed a bug that prevented hiding of anchor table if no anchor in document
* added visited pseudo class to tree nodes

[ray] Linker:
* use fixRelativeLinks()
* fixed buggy handling of anchor links

* with links: use button function instead of calling _createLink() directly (for Linker)
* removed nonsensical toggling of bold, underline, etc.

[koto] - deleted extra file inserted in changeset:579

[ray] ExtendedFileManager updates: 

*to complete cofigurability through js directories can now be set for images and files individually (optional & backwards compatible)

* linkfile button can be disabled (xinha_config.ExtendedFileManager.use_linker =false)

* relocated button from the end of toolbar next to createlink

* insert image/link with double click

* preview img didn't have src when no image selected, which showed a "image not found icon" in IE

* slight modifications and updates in Readme.txt (kicked out afru's website. The domain isn't even registered anymore)

[ray] With magic_quotes_qpc on, each  call of xinha_passed_data_querystring() added new slashes. 
Added check for magic_quotes_gpc to always pass clean data

[ray] *spelling correction

[koto] ExtendedFileManager updates:
 - bugfix: JS error displayed in manager.js when use_color_pickers was true and
   images_enable_styling was false
 - added a small comment in config.inc.php

[gogo] Add Farsi translation from #853

[ray] Whitespace problem mastered now, I hope

[ray] Ticket #852

[gogo] Undo the spurious whitespace changes introduced in changeset:569

[koto] - fixes ticket #851
- insert file dialog now also supports passing options by xinha_pass_to_php_backend() inroduced in changeset:565

[ray] For the example config to work there need to be different  settings for $IMConfig['images_url']

[ray] * the image insert dialog was slightly to small
* there was a orphan 'tu' in manager.php where the hidden fields reside. I suppose this was an error?

[ray] Just a little spelling correction

[koto] ExtendedFileManager update:

- EFM now supports new way of passing configuration variables to backend introduced in changeset:565
- updated Readme.txt to encourage the new way
- added German translation (by sven schomacker)
- added support for editing 'title' attributes for inserted images (new config options 'images_enable_alt' and 'images_enable_title')

[gogo] Fix magic quotes problem - #849

[gogo] Improvements to passing configuration to (php currently) Plugin backends.

This was prompted by #844, and numerous people having trouble with configuring ImageManager.

A file has been added contrib/php-xinha.php (perhaps should be moved somewhere better), 
this file contains functions which make it much easier to trustworthily pass data to
backends from the javascript frontend.

An example is easiest, imagine the following in your xinha setup, step 3...

with (xinha_config.ImageManager)
       'images_dir' => '/home/your/directory',
       'images_url' => '/directory'

that's all you need.  It will (should at least) work with non-default session names also.

[gogo] Cleaning up some junk svn stuff that got into the repository somehow.

[wymsy] ticket #318: make IE calculate correct height of popups in standards mode

[ray] *htmlarea.js: HTMLArea._postback allow data to be string Ticket #838
*AJAX save plugin Ticket #628

[kimss] - forgot a comma

[ray] * Ticket #835 Pass editor to custom filters
* Ticket #836 Additional incarnations of fancy quotes
* Ticket #837 Sort plugins in extended example

[ray] Ticket #664

[ray] showing the logo

[ray] The official logo

[mokhet] fix missing configuration editor.config.colorPicker.CellSize and misused of the granularity (see ticket #85)

[mokhet] apply IE fix which was loosing selection when providing back the color from the colorpicker. see ticket #85

[wymsy] Apply patch from ticket:820; eliminates secure/insecure warning from IE in popup

[mokhet] fix width and height of insert_table.html popup. ticket #824

[mokhet] change ugly popup color selectors to nice colorPicker widget. see ticket #85

[mokhet] warn the user when run locally. see ticket #415

[mokhet] fix missing 'px' in prototype.sizeEditor() when config.sizeIncludesPanels was set to false

[mokhet] apply patch from ticket #825 fix slow unloading / repainting

[gocher] fix for Ticket #812
Plugin Filter crashes xinha

[mokhet] update free(). Dont do anything when the property is innerHTML

[mokhet] fix for ticket #821 : move resize handler definition from initSize() to setEditorEvents()

[mokhet] add exemple from ticket #258

[mokhet] enhance HTMLArea.free(). Take care of hidden TD which are leaking in IE and innerHTML property which must not be null but blank instead

[mokhet] ticket #30 : fix IE memory leak for buttons on iconbar
improve element releasing in collectGarbageForIE

[mokhet] ticket #30 : fix IE memory leak for HTMLArea._loadback() by releasing script.onload once called

[kimss] - changing all NO lang files to NB (Norsk Bokmål), this means Norwegians have to alter their language setting from "no" to "nb" from this version.

[kimss] - adding norsk bokmål to ExtendedFileManager

[mokhet] give correct opacity property to CSS-3 compliant browsers

[mokhet] enhance loadback function.
- callback function is now optional
- application scope of the callback function can be forced
- a Bonus object can be send to the callback function

for instance, when we were needed to do this :

var bonus = {foo:'bar'};
var editor = this;
HTMLArea._loadback('a_file.js', function() { editor.myCallback(bonus); });

we now do this instead :

var bonus = {foo:'bar'};
HTMLArea._loadback('a_file.js', this.myCallback, this, bonus );

[mokhet] fix whenDocReady method to be able to use it before InitIframe (before the editor is generated). this._doc is checked before this._doc.body in this matter

[koto] - added demo images for ExtendedFileManager plugin for it to work in default configuration
- added ExtendedFileManager to the list of plugins in the demo example

[koto] - Added rename file feature for ExtendedFileManager (ticket:818)
- ALT / TITLE attributes for selected images/files in ExtendedFileManager have now file extension stripped off.


[koto] Fix for ticket:781

[koto] Ticket #811: Added ExtendedFileManager plugin ver 1.1.1 (with Polish translation)
Currently the plugin depends on ImageManager class files.
Added dirSize() method used by ExtendedFileManager to ImageManager/Classes/Files.php

[kimss] - added some strings

[wymsy] Comment out changes from changeset 496 until a proper fix is found for ticket 543

[gocher] Dutch translations

[gocher] russian lang file, added by BeeVee on Mon May 29 05:29:58 2006.

[gocher] Ticket #803
Add creation of definition lists (DL) to buttons bar

New plugin DefinitionList

[wymsy] Ticket #798: the entire contents of script tags will now be ignored.

Also some improved whitespace suppression, and some closing block tags will no longer start a new line.

[gocher] Ony a view comments changed to show that Ticket #522 is invalid

[gogo] I have no idea why, but moving this block of code up a couple of lines means that IE works again.  It shouldn't make any 
difference at all. I can only surmise that there is some weird timing issue.

ticket:793 and ticket:766

[gocher] Ticket #655
Run the updateCharCount not every key press

[gogo] Fix for #625

[gogo] Apply #583 - new config variable changeJustifyWithDirection, false by 
default for backwards compat

[gogo] Apply #612

[gogo] Slight addition to the ew filter specification format to allow 
specifiying the filterFunction directly in the config rather than 
having to load another javascript file.

[gogo] Added filter for ticket:709 and also allowed filter config to be an 
object rather than just the label, this is to allow for 
off-by-default filters (such as the one just added).

[gogo] Add entries for TableOperations cell insert delete and merge - 

[gogo] Probable fix for #630

[gogo] Apply ticket:558

[gogo] Add linebreak for ticket:386

[wymsy] fix for ticket #487

I had put this patch in the GetHtml plugin in changeset:478, but it really belongs in the core.

[gogo] Applying ticket:446

[gogo] Two things,
1. Continuation of changeset:499 
2. Fix for ticket:351

[gogo] Ticket:345 brings up a good point that the insert table (and toggle 
borders) buttons should be near the table properties button when 
using insert tables.  This change does this, but not in the same was 
as the patch in the ticket.

[gogo] Add config value SpellChecker.utf8_to_entities which can be set to 
false to stop SpellChecker from converting (multi byte) utf8 
characters to entities before passing to aspell - ticket:120 
indicates this is not required.  Config value is true by default for 
backwards compatability.

[gogo] Fix for ticket:732 (and maybe other subtle bugs in this vein) - 
essentially in Moz _activeElement woudl return the parent element 
when a partial text was returned.  I THINK that this fixes the 
function so it performs in the intended way.

[gogo] Fix scrolling for long panels. Refer ticket:543

[gogo] Apply ticket:532

[gogo] Apply ticket:552

[gogo] Couple of minor changes...
 1. Removed newFolder.html and replaced with a simple javascript prompt.
    Seems silly to have to load so much, position a window etc etc 
    just to enter a folder name!
 2. Set a specific size on the popup window, this is because of problems 
    with this window in particular where it's size is not correctly 
    sized automatically.  I suspect that problem may have been caused by 
    some errant html or something.  Opera *really* didn't like the 
    auto-sizing. Related to ticket:603

[gogo] Added the ability to specify an absolute dimension for the popup, win_dim is an object of the following form
       var win_dim = {top: <int>, left: <int>, width: <int>, height: <int>}
where top and left specify the co-ordinates of the top and left sides of the window in pixels (starting from 0,0 as top-left of screen) and width and height specify the width and height of the window in pixels.

Related to ticket:603

[gocher] Ticket #754
images from Equation plugin not showing up

insert images with _editor_url path not with  ../plugins/Equation/img/x.gif path

[kimss] Forgot a ,

[kimss] added missing NO language files

[kimss] Removed some excessive translation string.

[kimss] Updated the NO lang file to current version of the plugin.

[mokhet] add missing translation

[gocher] Ticket #724
missing JS in ImageManager plugin

[gocher] Ticket #699
Xinha automatically converts date to ip link

Check if it is a ip

[gocher] To fix that problem with rtl pages set the container div of the image/button to lefttoright
      el.style.direction = "ltr";

[gocher] Plugin SetId:
Remove empty class after delete id/name
"a" is not defined "node" is the new span tag

[gocher] Ticket #718
Update Swedish lang for htmlarea core (rev. 477)

[gocher] Ticket #719
Swedish lang file for plugin ContextMenu

[gocher] Ticket #720
Swedish lang file for plugin InsertPicture

[wymsy] Add an override function to fix the situation where if location.href includes a query string with an '&' in it,  fixRelativeLinks failed to strip the url from self-named anchors in IE.

[mokhet] fix another stupid bug introduced by my stupidity in changeset:472, still affecting a link creation

[mokhet] fix bug introduce in changeset:472 that was preventing the editor to add a link

[mokhet] update to comply ticket #385 and #711
also removed nasty tabs characters to pretty spaces

[mokhet] apply path from http://xinha.gogo.co.nz/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=630 that prevent drag&drop of icons from the toolbar to content area

[mokhet] apply BSD style coding for the whole file htmlarea.js as stated in ticket #711

[mokhet] A lot of fixes for ticket #385

[mokhet] apply loadingMessage patch from ticket #595

[gocher] Ticket #696
fix variable scope leak in HTMLArea.getInnerHTML()

[gocher] Ticket #701
Email markup incorrectly truncating email address.

Regular Expression HTMLArea.Re_email

[wymsy] Bug fix: reg exp that extracted tags could crash the browser on comments containing an unmatched '<';

[gocher] New Plugin to set the ID and Name

[paulb] Added swedish translation for some plugins.  Moved the lang/se.js to sv.js because the language code for swedish is sv, the country code is se.

[mokhet] add missing translation in help popup and in _clearFonts
also #39: images as internationalized resources for French bold, underline and strikethrough icons

[mokhet] minor texts update to restore the popups layout which was broken with long french word and sentence

[mokhet] the textarea was referenced by ID instead of using document.getElementById

[mokhet] the color FieldFace does not exist, better to remove this useless rule than having the error pop over and over in the error log

[mokhet] apply checkBackspace patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply getOuterHTML patch from ticket #656

[mokhet] apply _createRange patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply _getSelection patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply getSelectedHTML patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply insertHTML patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply selectNodeContents patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply _selectionEmpty patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply _activeElement patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply getParentElement patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply insertNodeAtSelection patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply stripTag patch from ticket #656 and fix BSD-style bracing

[mokhet] apply patch for ticket #654 with a few updates to satisfy BSD-Style Bracing

[wymsy] fix outwardHtml override

[gogo] Enhancements to allow using the manager in a List/Details mode rather than "thumbs".  Set $IMConfig['ViewMode'] = 'details'; in the 
configuration to try it out.  Defaults to thumbs to avoid surprising people :-)


[gogo] Some changes to the popup shrink wrapping - see ticket:603

[mokhet] apply patch from ticket #627 (french typo correction)

[paulb] Russian translation for plugins FindReplace, ListType, ImageManager, CharacterMap, TableOperations, and FullScreen.

[wymsy] fix for ticket #631: GetHtml plugin now works in spell checker

[gocher] Ticket #622
At first preparing the mistake: If you click outside of the editor area before clicking on the button to launch the plugin, it will paste the HTML outside the editor.
And further change the plugin that the css is loaded on generating the code

[gocher] Ticket #403

display plugins

[paulb] Serbian latin (sh) and Serbian cyrillic (sr) translations for Xinha core.

[gocher] new plugin InsertSnippet

from Ticket #622 (only the img/ed_snippet.gif changed)

[gocher] add width and hight to insertPicture plugin

[kimss] - some more language corrections

[kimss] -misspelled

[wymsy] fix for ticket #591

[wymsy] Fixes: remove empty attributes;
remove leading newline added by mozilla (ref ticket #616);
remove trailing br tag added by mozilla.

[gocher] Changes to CharCounter Plugin
and updates of extended example to check it

[gocher] Ticket #589 (assigned) Character counter not work

Not all changes made by mokhet in his version are good:
Preparing the contents of the editor twice wood make editing slow!

[mokhet] fix for ticket #498 (the editor variable was used from global scope instead of local)

[mokhet] Make the panel (when in panel mode) disappear only when shown, which fix a weird IE behavior moving the caret selection always at bottom of editable area for every single click in the area.

[mokhet] Fix an error thrown by IE when trying to set a negative width or a negative height

[gogo] Small fix to make floating work in firefox for blue-metallic.

[wymsy] test

[wymsy] Fix for ticket #591; comments containing tags are now handled correctly; pre (and script) tags containing comments are now handled correctly (ticket #253)

[wymsy] test

[niko] corrected preg_replace-call (see changeset:388)

[wymsy] fix doctype problem in fullPage mode
fix html attributes in fullPage mode (IE only)
remove trailing br tag inserted by moz

[gocher] Ticket #550
changes for firefox 1.5 RC1

[gogo] Fix flowing toolbar problem in Gecko where doesn't properly drop to next line.  Just 
making the rows a little higher seems to fix the problem, if I remember correctly
it's the select lists (font etc) that threw it out, becuase they are a bit high
probably would be better to figure out how high they are and set the rows
to that height, but this will do for now I think.

[mokhet] more ; fixed (a few were missing, a lot were used with no reason) for ticket #385

[kimss] Linefeed in the end should not be there

[gogo] Fix for #274 - if config.width/height specifed as only an integer it did 
not assume length is pixels.

[gogo] Small fix

[gogo] Apply part 2 of #328 - fix spellchecker for https

[gogo] Apply #369 - put &nbsp; in cells of new table.

[gogo] Apply #377 - fix last column insert with IE

[gogo] Apply #394

[gogo] Fix blockquote formablock for Gecko (#409).  Unfortunatly, IE doesn't 
seem to support blockquote as a formatblock at all.

[gogo] Apply parts of #417 - namely add cwd and regexp splitting.

[gogo] Fix for #447 - removing border/margin/padding lengths in dialog did not 
properly clear styles.

[gogo] Apply #455

[gogo] Add code to clean magic quotes (see #578)

[wymsy] Preserve formatting in comments

[gocher] Ticket #571
The attached revision fixes two problems with the plugin:

Greater-than and lesser-than characters did not become text, nor did pasted HTML.

The icon was 1 pixel too low to align with the regular paste icon.

[gocher] In Changeset 372 kimss wrote: that this line made alot of exceptions in firefox!

But if this line is commented away, no button state is set!
And I don't get any exceptions in firefox!

[gocher] fix for Ticket #434
FullPage plugin AND/OR fullpage=true (in the core) disables ContextMenu, TableOperations, DoubleClick and CharacterCount in IE.

[gocher] now the print button works with Mozilla and IE

[gocher] Ticket #565
Plugins polish translation

[gogo] Apply #566

[gogo] Apply #440

[gogo] Apply #403

[gogo] Apply #495

[gogo] Apply #501

[gogo] Fix for #523

[gogo] Apply #525

[gogo] Add fix for #547

[gogo] Apply #548

[gogo] Commit #560

[gogo] Apply #562
Apply some security patches sent in privately by Yermo

[gocher] Ticket #434
FullPage plugin AND/OR fullpage=true (in the core) disables ContextMenu, TableOperations, DoubleClick and CharacterCount in IE. 

One odd thing I noticed is that when I use this htmlarea.js in today's download with the character counter plugin, every time I view source the status bar gets longer and new character count text appears, which updates. The older character counts stay frozen as they do without this patch.

Hello mharrisonline this fix your Problem!

[mokhet] incorrect translation from deutch version

[gocher] ext_example some changes for IE to test Ticket #549

[wymsy] Added support for document fragments in Gecko
Added support for htmlRemoveTags config option

[gocher] fix some lang files for ticket #385* and update few typos

[gocher] Changeset 373
Add German translations for the remove inline font confirm boxes

[gocher] Changeset 369
Translation for Tidy plugin
Tidy failed.  Check your HTML for syntax errors.

[gocher] Changeset 366
German translation to Remove lang attributes

[niko] removed unused popupdiv

[niko] removed old test-page

[kimss] More fixes for #385, took care of all "... = functions..." occurencies

[mokhet] more fixes for #385

[mokhet] add some missing fr.js, fix some fr.js for ticket #385 and update few typos

[kimss] Added some more missing language strings

[kimss] Added translation for the remove inline font confirm boxes, and updated NO files. All languages should be updated for this.

[kimss] Commented away a line which made alot of exceptions in firefox, someone please check this one!

[kimss] Added NO lang file

[kimss] Added partially translated NO file, problem is the norwegian translation of these words are so uncommon that I dont really want to use it... So unless I get complaints I think sticking with the english terms here are the best.

[kimss] Added translation strings

[kimss] Complete translation

[kimss] Added norwegian language

[kimss] A lowecase word resulted in the header not being translated, altered all language files to work correctly and updated with new translation line aswell, propped other languages with english => english so its easy to spot when they look over the files.

[niko] partly undone changeset:360 as wordCleaning doesn't work in html-mode :(

[niko] added removal of lang-attributes (see #536)

[niko] #538
improved SuperClean (more settings, custom filters)

[niko] remove not only face="Arial", face=Arial works now too
(as this is used by IE sometimes)

[niko] default all operations checked

[niko] show wordclean and clearfonts-button in html-mode

[gocher] New plugin Filter 
to implement a filter on a easy way!
Included are two Examples "word" and "paragraph"

  if(typeof Filter != 'undefined') {
    xinha_config.Filters = ["Word", "Paragraph"];

[wymsy] fixed bug - codebase attrib in flash object was being corrupted

[gocher] Ticket #253
improved getHTML

Here is an updated example menu with this plugin and the rest that are in the folder, added by mharrisonline on Tue Sep 27 20:32:33 2005.

[wymsy] changeset 355 changed line breaks...

[wymsy] fix bug in call to stripBaseUrl

[gocher] catching the error witch appears if there is a folder js in a folder of a plugin.

[gocher] javascript error handler for ext_example, and two little mistakes

[gocher] Insert popup Help with keyboard shortcuts (and translation to German)

[kimss] NO translation for HorizontalRule in UTF-8 format.

[gocher] add translation to HorizontalRule, and some DE lang files now have more consistent markup

[gocher] Add missing ;, DE files now have consistent markup

[gocher] Make plugin HorizontalRule Skinable, replace image functions for buttons which don't exists, insert language support.

[wymsy] New plugin: HorizontalRule. see ticket #3

[kimss] All NO files now have consistent markup, and all files are correctly UTF-8.

[wymsy] New plugin: GetHtml. A replacement for the getHTML()function in htmlarea.js that produces XHTML code.

[kimss] additional fixes for ticket #385*. Add a lot of missing ; on many of the functions

[kimss] Minor language fix

[niko] #523
replace del by strike, not the other way around

[mokhet] fix for ticket #385. Add a lot of missing ; on many of the functions

[gocher] little mistake in Polish lang file for FindReplace plugin

[gocher] little mistake in German lang file for Equation plugin

[guillaumed] mispelling text -> texte

[gocher] Ticket #517
BackgroundColor mistake

php's magic quotes fix

[gocher] Cookie for saving the settings of the ext_example-menu.php

[gocher] Ticket #469
New Client-Side Spell Check Plugin for XINHA using ieSpell

[niko] #485 - new plugin PasteText

[niko] #513
updated css, added to menu

[niko] #512
fix editing link when there are child elements in the link

[niko] #511
bugfix for _lc function, key shouldn't be required, use string instead

[gocher] Ticket #424
Submit to Publish

a preview with source for the ext_example

[gocher] Ticket #491
example menu not updated

now it is!

[gocher] Ticket #503
Language translation problems when replacing string
"Insert a submit/reset button."

[gocher] Ticket #502, #504, #505, #506
NO langfiles for FormOperations, InsertPagebreak, BackgroundImage, InsertPicture

[niko] #331
fixed holy stylist-plugin typo

[gocher] Ticket #465
New Plugin insert Pagebreak

[gocher] Ticket #480 (requires PHP!!!)
PHP example-menu list all folders in the plugin path as plugins and all folders in skin path as skins!
Further in this example: there is a dialog settings for (Editor width, Editor height, Size includes bars, Status Bar, Mozilla Parameter Handler, Udo steps, Base href, Strip base href, ...)

[gocher] workaround the IE bug
that the Document properties “keywords”, “description” get lost by toggle HTML source

[gocher] Sorry !!! Change the line separator back to Unix(\n)

[gocher] Ticket #279 
mistake in Flowable Toolbar

[gocher] New plugin BackgroundImage

[gocher] language support for FormOperations plugin and German lang file

[mokhet] add options to let the user choose between panel or popup for CharacterMap and between panel or toolbar for ListType plugin

[mokhet] fix visual bug due to float css
fix undefined variable editor, use of the real variable this.editor
improve parent detection to make sure the final parent found is a OL or a UL tagName

[niko] #470: Use only7BitPrintablesInURLs only for href and src attributes.

[mokhet] fix detection of parent element (OL or UL)

[mokhet] add a panel version
xinha_config.ListType.mode = 'toolbar' is set by default, you can set it to 'panel' to use the new panel version

[mokhet] add a panel version
xinha_config.CharacterMap.mode = 'popup' is set by default, you can set it to 'panel' to use the new panel version

[gocher] Repairs full_example.html Reload current page

[gocher] Ticket #458 
Plugin NoteServer: 
There is always a _lc fonction problem with changeset:298.

complete french file lang to NoteServer plugin
note-server.js with modifications to resolve _lc problem
changes to full_example-menu.htm to test NoteServer plugin

[gocher] Make ESC work and make the Equation plugin skinable.

[gocher] Ticket #477
Edit Tag plugin JavaScript error fixed

[gocher] Ticket #483
Added Polish translation files for a few plugins

[gocher] now the InsertPicture plugin only use the relativ webpath to the picturefolder and the default is /xinha/plugins/InsertPicture/demo_pictures/

[mokhet] sort plugins names and minor layout update for better read
transform source code from invalid XHTML to valid HTML 4.01

[mokhet] fix #364, make use of the colorpicker widget instead of the old colorpicker popup

[gocher] New very small php plugin (small Imagemanager): [[BR]]
InsertPicture replaces the popup insert_image.html [[BR]]
with only a few lines more in full_example.js [[BR]]
if(typeof InsertPicture != 'undefined') { [[BR]]
  InsertPicture.PicturePath = _editor_url + "plugins/insertPicture/demo_pictures/"; [[BR]]
  InsertPicture.LocalPicturePath = "d:\\inetpub\\wwwroot\\xinha\\trunk\\plugins\\insertPicture\\demo_pictures"; [[BR]]
} [[BR]]
it runs with the full_example!

[gocher] Plugin CharCounter [[BR]]
Call updateCharCount only once by onUpdateToolbar

[mokhet] add some missing french translations
add the tag TH in __dlg_translate() types since layout is using TH tags

[gocher] Ticket #466
Mistakes in Finnish translation

[gocher] Ticket #454
Added Polish translation file for ContextMenu [[BR]]
Ticket #453
Polish translation file for Linker plugin [[BR]]
and the German translation file for Linker plugin

[gocher] Ticket #456: Added Polish translation file [[BR]]
ImageManager de.js: prepare mistake in Changeset 294

[niko] #458: fix invalid call to _lc

[niko] little bugfix

[niko] #438
alert when tidy fails, so not all html is lost

[gocher] Ticket #310 (reopened)

and now the Polish

[gocher] Ticket #310 (reopened)

German and Polish translations for ImageManager

[niko] #451
remove notice

[niko] #432 superclean (and any other inline-dialog that would use checkboxes) didn't work

[niko] fixed bug and some changes for changeset:290

[niko] #39: images as internationalized resources
for German bold, italic and underline icons
see wiki:Documentation/Internationalisation for details on how to use it

also changed the syntax for replacements in i18n-strings #291 (the old one still works)

[niko] fixed little bug introduced in changeset:270 (#412)

[niko] php-script that parses all files for lc-strings
see comment on top of lc_parse_strings.php on how to use it.

[gocher] firefox don't like html comments like :
<!--------------------- blah blah -------------------> 
in comination with <!DOCTYPE BHTML PUBLIC "-//BC//DTD BHTML 3.2 Final//EN">
better use: <!-- blah blah -->
remove such comments before the block marqued !!
IMPORTANT !! in full_example-body.html, and it then works

from Didier Belot Ticket #405

[gocher] blue-metallic Skin change

[gocher] prepare the mistake that niko made in changeset 283 to get TableOperations work!

[niko] a little change to get my new lc-parser-script working (#203)

[niko] a little change to get my lc-parser-script working (#203)

[niko] changed <i10n> into <l10n> as i10n doesn't make any sense :(

did it because of #203 to get my new script working

[niko] fixed typ

[niko] removed unused language-string

[niko] removed HTML value from language-files as this string was deleted in changeset:269 - see #130

[gogo] Couple of missing 'px' caused problem in Mozilla - #404

[gogo] Some leak patching for Internet Explorer.  This actually works!  See 

[gocher] Nowegian UTF-8 language files
Ticket #388, #389, #390, #391, #393, #395, #396, #397, #398
and some little changes for language support

[gogo] Apply #356

[gogo] Fix for #238 - changing a mailto: link in IE causes the innerHTML of the link to be set to 
the href of the link (IE "feature", worked around it).

[gogo] Apply #381

[gogo] Fix for #401 - inline dialogs show incorrectly, problem with showing/hiding panels.

[gocher] Ticket #392
expanding the language for this plugin, and it requries some slight modofications from Kim Steinhaug

[gogo] Change short-php-tags to full php tags ( ticket:121 )

[gogo] Remove display of html-entity because it's not what is actually inserted.

[gogo] Apply #114 to re-fix secure url problem.

[gogo] Fix for ticket:56 - rather than add a plugin, just added the regexp to outward html.

[gogo] Fix for #266 (panel size is incorrect).

Unfortunatly the only way I could get this to work reliably (cross 
browser) was to restict panel dimensions to being a pixel width so 
that the absolute size of the iframe can be calculated and set.  IE 

[gogo] Add config option to produce seven bit clean HTML output (higher 
characters are replaced with entities).

See ticket:284 

Off by default.

[gogo] New icons from riftdesign - see ticket:326

[gogo] Fix for #105 - incorrect RegExp caused SelfNamedAnchors to not be 
corrected if more than one on a page.

[gogo] Fix context menu when the main document is in CSS1Compat mode in 
IE - ticket:166

The problem was that the popup in IE is actually a separate document, 
which is in BackCompat mode, and when we tried to size the popup we 
insert the content into the CSS1Compat document to get the size then 
display it in the BackCompat document, where things are decidedly 

[gogo] Fix for #167 - 8bit characters causing problems in links.  You may turn 
off this fix with config.only7BitPrintablesInURLs = false;

[gogo] Revert many changes made by gocher which caused large amounts of 
breakage.  See ticket:329 and ticket:337  

It's possible that reverting these has a few run-on effects with code 
that was based on these changes, but we'll just have to fix those as we 
come to them, there shouldn't be many.

[gocher] Ticket #379
Errors and typos in German localization

[gocher] Ticket #298 Undo and Redo are completely broken in full page mode [[BR]]

this._doc.setFullHTML(html) is not a function [[BR]]
this.setFullHTML(html) is to set but thats not all! [[BR]]

With a little Testfile it works but with the Example it doesn't works! [[BR]]
HTMLArea.RE_body    = /<body[^>]*>((.|\n)*?)<\/body>/i; [[BR]]
is good but [[BR]]
HTMLArea.RE_body    = /<body[^>]*>((.|\n|\r|\t)*?)<\/body>/i; [[BR]]
is better! [[BR]]

[gocher] Ticket #259 fix for firefox [[BR]]
context menu not working in full-screen plugin

[gogo] Various updates to ImageManager, see #343

[mokhet] fix for #375
"Pivoter" is now the new "rotate" translation
"Retailler" is kept in this changeset until we can find a better translation for the word "Resize" that can fit in the space provided

[gocher] Workaround for removeAttribute() and setAttribute() 
problems with IE [[BR]]

for Example [[BR]]
object.setAttribute("readOnly",true) in IE [[BR]]
object.setAttribute("readOnly","readOnly") in Mozilla [[BR]]

[mokhet] fix for ticket #80

[mokhet] fix for #310 and add more missing translated texts

[mokhet] add some missing translated texts and fix the layout of the dialog which was totally messed when the labels used were too long

[mokhet] add titan skin from ticket #341
update the inditreuse/skin.css to stop having a button jumping when mouse over

[gocher] new plugin NoteServer (GUIDO Music Notation)

[gocher] Ticket #265 little bit modified
full page plugin meta tag patch (new: keywords, description)

change docprop.html that the dialog in IE looks as in Mozilla

[gocher] German lang file for Changeset 246,
 fix for ticket #290

[mokhet] fix for ticket #290, insert_image.html and insert_table.html are now 100% translatable

[gocher] Fix for Ticket #355 and #357  

_editor_skin is not defined

[gocher] CharCounter now displayed at the end of the statusbar not outside the editor.

[gocher] new plugin UnFormat

[gocher] Ticket #355

Loading htmlarea.js should not overrides _editor_skin variable

[gocher] Ticket #354
Status Bar Select is broken

When selecting a tag on the status bar, it does not select the entire tag in the editor anymore, the selection just jumps to the end of the tag.


[gocher] Slight correction for changeset:239

[gocher] Ticket #353 make plugins /popups skinable
change editor.config.skin to _editor_skin

[gocher] new config property skin

skin select for full_example

[gocher] little mistake in german lang file of LangMarks

[gocher] new elements for plugin forms 
file, fieldset, label

and for existing elements more attributes

[gogo] Slight correction for changeset:234

[gogo] Revert and reapply changeset:231 to provide clean diffs from 
changeset:230 and previous to changeset:217 - see #340

[gogo] Fix for #339

[gocher] W3C Recommendation XHTML 

fix #337

[gocher] with Changeset 230:

Changeset 221, 225 and 229 get removed

fix for that

[gogo] Remove and reapply changes that gocher made in changeset:217 to provide reduced diff from changeset:213 

Please people be careful not to introduce spurious changes, especially for the ENTIRE FILE.

[gocher] easy fix for Ticket #323

[gocher] insert template plugin into full_example-menu.html

[gocher] Template plugin to be continued in the next days but it's a start!

[niko] #325 don't remove <p /> in IE, will be replaced by #253 hopefully but for now we should fix the bug

[gocher] toolbar changes 
put lable, select, textindicator in a div, to have the same height

[gocher] Ticket #323

IE wrap at new line
Mozilla wraps at end of line at any point

[niko] #324
i don't know what these two lines where good for, but removing them fixes the br-dissapearing-bug

[gocher] sorry this part I deleted in changeset 217 is used by context menu

[gocher] changes to toolbar outfit

[gocher] UTF 8 mistake in lang file from InsertSmiley

[gocher] little mistake

[gocher] change encoding type to UTF-8

[gocher] change all td/table elements to div elements in toolbar
change the stylesheet and the skins that it works

[niko] #286
don't open popups in design-mode and remove that if(document.designMode in final HTML-Code

[niko] remove baseURL and use baseHref instead
see #297

i hope this doesn't break anything, pobably we need the 2nd patch in #297

[mokhet] ticket #313 - select_color.html is now valid HTML4.01 transitional
select_color.html will still not validate because no DTD can be used until ticket #318 is closed

[gocher] Ticket #309
width of format selectbox in toolbar keep growing at every new element selected since changeset 195

it's not the miastake but ... it works!

[gocher] new plugin QuickTag Ticket #305

modified that it works with Xinha!!

QuickTag is really cool. Highlight text you want to put a tag around, and a dropdown appears with tags, when you choose a tag, nearly every possible attribute for that tag appears as an additional option, just like in a typical IDE.

[gocher] full_example 
submit button to check ta

[gocher] new plugin insert InsertMarquee

[gocher] Ticket #312
failure of tag editor / EditTag plugin
Error: event is not defined Source File

[gocher] for mozilla alternate stylesheets and for IE the first one

[gocher] change examples/full_example-body.html
to select Page Style in Mozilla (View -> Page Style -> x)

add new skin blue-metallic

[mokhet] add skin inditreuse licence informations

[mokhet] ticket #302 (ImageManager french translation)
fix typo in editor.php (flip virtical to flip vertical)

[niko] removed popupeditor from btnlist as the FullScreen-plugin replaces the popupeditor-button with it's own fullscreen-button

[niko] #291: 3rd argument for _lc function, replaces $variables in string

added this for ContextMenu

[gocher] Ticket #292
change Frensh to French

[mokhet] fix for #301

[gocher] plugin Forms

textarea gets new attributes: wrap, readonly disabled, tabindex, accesskey

[gocher] plugin form:
changes Form dialog, add Encoding and Target Frame

[niko] #242: show anchors on the page

[gogo] FormOperations plugin initial checkin.

[gogo] Initial checkin of panel-dialog, an interface built on inline-dialog for 
displaying and manipulating localised dialogs in panels.

[gogo] Further for #279

[gogo] Fix for #279

[gogo] Various small fixes and refactoring.  A couple of new utility functions 
and a fix for #6

[gocher] Add closing tags textarea, form, select in htmlarea.js

Forms: A select with size="1" can't be multiple!

[gocher] new plugin forms

[gogo] Copy EP from unified_backend @ revision 172
Commented yermo's debugging

[gogo] Prepare to move yermo's EP in place.

[gocher] Ticket #292
it should be French

[mokhet] added some missing fr.js
updated some french texts to be more acurate to the original idea
fix some french typos

[gogo] I should learn to count.  More minor corrections.

[gogo] Minor corrections.

[gocher] Apply #104 and Changeset 181

[gogo] Fix for #178 dialog.js tried to set events on frames with src outside 
the domain causing security exceptions.

[gogo] Apply #250 see also ticket:124 changeset:120 changeset:159 and 

[gogo] Apply #104

[gogo] Fix for fullscreen when the editor is enclosed in relative/absolute 
positioned elements.

See #119 and #278

[gogo] Remove overlooked debugger keyword.

[gogo] Removing some stuff that isn't ready yet and shouldn't have been checked in.

[gogo] * Minor comment changes.
* Refactor events for form submit, reset and window unload
* Fix reset handler to properly use the original textarea content
* Minor changes to setHTML etc
* Use onload for iframe to determine when to initIframe, instead of a 
* Remove overlooked debugging statement in loadPlugins
* Change some event registrations to use addDom0Event rather than 
  element.onxxx = something
* Add HTMLArea.flushEvents() as an implementation of #30 - sadly, 
  doesn't work.  This is not enabled in the full_example, use 
  examples/testbed.html to test it out.
* Added methods HTMLArea.addDom0Event and HTMLArea.prependDom0Event
  which are to be used instead of element.onxxxxx = something;

[gocher] Ticket #283
Missing comma in ContextMenu/lang/de.js

[niko] fixes JS-Error in IE
dialog.height was 100px so we need parseInt it

[niko] removed 2>&1 as a file named 2>&1 was created on my system

[gocher] prepare Ticket #280 error in Changeset 169

[gogo] Fix for #272 - IE throwing exception when trying to delete a control 
selection.  I don't know why, it even did it when using the browser's 
own backspace handler instead of the custom one.  Worked around it.

[gogo] Add indentation to getHTML for IE, which trashes newlines in the DOM 

See #275

[gogo] Fix to the plugin loading system to prevent spinlocking when a plugin 
fails to load. 

See #226

[gogo] Fixes for Standards Compliant modes in both IE and Mozilla.

The fixes mean that in standards mode:
 1. you are required that the top and bottom panel 
    heights (if used) are set to explicit pixel heights
 2. percentage heights on the editor itself probably won't work well 
    when resizing the window, if at all.
 3. all sizes must be correct CSS length items, specifically if you are 
    specifying a pixel length then it MUST include the 'px' suffix, ie  
    "config.height = '233px';", if you tried "config.height = 233;" it 
    won't work correctly (or is unlikely to, especially for heights). 
    This seems to be simply a requirement of standards mode, it's not 
    specific to Xinha.

  * http://xinha.gogo.co.nz/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=1528
  * ticket:269

[gogo] Fix for inline-dialog with the new framing.

[gogo] There are 4 things in this commit...

1. Resizing fixes.
2. New "flowable" toolbar
3. Proof of concept of skins.
4. Testbed file.

=== Resizing Fixes ===
Complete rewrite of the framing that the editor is built from, 
previously it was done using nested and positioned divs, which was very 
troublesome to get right.  It also suffered from problems when resizing 
the editor.

I have changed it to now use a table structure and have fixed the 
resizing problems.  This also means we can now use any CSS measurement 
for setting width and height (even percentages).  Resizing is handled 
very well, and generally it's just better all around.

The fullscreen plugin has been adjusted to use the new methods, which 
makes it's job much easier too.  This won't solve the problem with 
fullscreen when the editor has been placed inside a positioned element 

=== Flowable Toolbar ===
A new config option has been added which allows the toolbar sections 
(between separators) to be treated as "possible-line-break-here", 
meaning that if there is not enough room on the line, the line will 
break to put the section on the next line.  Newlines are treated the 
same way.  Of course the toolbar will re-flow when you resize the 

This has been set as the default (and the toolbar has been adjusted to 
better suit it) because the default toolbars can get pretty long as you 
add plugins.  Having the flowing toolbars alleviates this problem and 
allows a very small editor window :)

=== Skins ===
Ok, well, it's just a CSS file and a couple of images, but it shows the 
sort of thing we can already do.  I felt that this is something that 
people would want to see.  What I'd like in the future is to be able to 
have a config option per editor to select what skin it gets, but this 
will necessitate some extra work so we can have different styles apply 
to each editor on a multi-editor page.

The other thing that would be nice is to be able to style the select 
lists in the toolbar, which are pretty ugly.

I've set the "blue-look" skin to be used in the full example.

=== Testbed ===
This is just a simple html file using Xinha without all the extra stuff 
in the full_example.  You can use it to test your plugins etc, or users 
could take it as a boilerplate file.

[gocher] Ticket #262 and #261 no language files

[gocher] Ticket #264

Absolutely not a biggie, but anyway :

Line 5 reads :

// translated into Norwegia: ses at online.no 11.11.03

It should read :

// translated into Norwegian : ses at online.no 11.11.03

[gocher] no language files for LangMarks and InsertSmiley

[gogo] Add proper version information (the version of htmlarea.js, not of 
about.html) to about dialog. 

Related to #48

Yermo took a different approach in the unified_backend branch by doinga 
special replacement prior/post commit, however I  felt that introduced 
a) too much reliance on pre/post-commit stuff, b) too many spurious 
changes, c) too much cruft.  Seeing as this is all Javascript anyway I 
think my solution is fine.

[gogo] When an editor is not active, the toolbar should not be used.  This 
change disables the toolbar until the editor is activated (and disables 
again when it is deactivated).

This should solve many problems like #202

[gogo] Fixes to problem shown in ticket:237 that was introduced in changeset:69 

This change puts it back so that only one editor is active at any given 
time, and that editors must initially be activated by a mouse-down on 
the area by the user (in both gecko and IE now).

This may fix some other tickets with similar types of problem 
(insertHTML placing text outside of the editor).  The problem mostly 
came down to focusEditor() not doing work when it should have because of 
a misplaced bang, but some other issues needed cleaning up too.

[niko] removed changeset:120 (#124) because of #257 (editor doesn't focus anymore in IE)

[niko] don't show table borders stylesheets in dropdown

[gocher] check for insertorderedlist and orderedlist to insert ListType plugin

[gocher] new plugin EditTag

to prepare parts of the editors contents in htmlmode

full_example-menue must be smaller for following plugins

[gocher] new plugin LangMarks

[gocher] new plugin InsertSmiley

[gocher] Equation plugin

[gocher] Changes addToolbarElement

[niko] turned SuperClean-dialog into an inline-dialog like Linker is

[niko] better german :D

[niko] * tweaked Statusbar
    * generate textmode-message in createStatusBar and hide it (_statusBarTextMode)
    * when switching into textmode don't clear the StatusBar, instead hide the _statusBarTree and show _statusBarTextMode
    * added onMode in CharCount-Plugin to hide the charCounter there too (fixes bug there)
 * when displaying inline-dialogs don't clear the statusBar, instead make the dialog higher
    * changed calculation of height (the -2 is necessary for IE)
    * dialog-div now positioned absolute instaed of relative (IE would move the statusBar down else)
 * fixed bug in inline-dialog getValues

[gogo] See #114 - fixes the secure-non-secure warning in IE.

[gogo] See #148

[niko] #248
added margin: 0 - because of other css on the page could change this

[gocher] german translations for insert/overwrite and saveas

[gocher] two new functions for IE

[gocher] language file changes

set file format UNIX
set charset UTF-8

delete file plugin/SpellChecker/lang/it.js because it's dutch (nl.js)
delete fuiles plugin/Linker/lang/fr.js and plugin/Stylist/lang/fr.js because because no data content

[niko] added InsertWords plugin

[niko] #229

[niko] #139
 1. replace HTMLArea.loadScript with HTMLArea._loadback
 2. remove the old fullscreen
 3. auto-load the fullscreen-plugin when there is a popupeditor-button in the toolbar

[niko] #244
EnterParagraphs gets only loaded in first editor

[niko] #241 fixed type

[niko] #204 part 2

[niko] #204
removed wrong line

[gocher] make the plugins use the addToolbarElement from Changeset 127

[gocher] new plugin Abbreviaton

to set <abbr> tags with title for handicapped-friendly use!

Sorry I don't know the right word in Germany we call it "barrierefreies Webdesign".

[niko] changed dir from DOCUMENT_ROOT to the installation-dir of xinha.
 * security (everyone could list all your files in DOCUMENT_ROOT)
 * if you have many files in DOCUMENT_ROOT scan.php will take a very long time to load (http://xinha.gogo.co.nz/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=110)

[gocher] DoubleClick plugin

onDoubleClick on

  tag "u" calls e.execCommand("underline")

  tag "strike" calls e.execCommand("strikethrough")

  tag "sub" calls e.execCommand("subscript")

  tag "sup" calls e.execCommand("superscript")

  tag "a" calls e.execCommand("createlink")

  tag "img" calls e.execCommand("insertimage")

  tag "td" calls e.execCommand("inserttable")

[gocher] Ticket #223

a CharCounter plugin

[gocher] Ticket #150


[guillaumed] Some better comment for ticket 125

[gocher] InsertAnchor change registration, add the element to toolbar with new function addToolbarElement and change of pluginInfo because after all the changes of the last days (Changset 110, 112, 125, 126, and this) is not mutch left.

[gocher] Helper Function: add buttons/drop-downs boxes with title or separator to the toolbar, if the buttons/drop-downs boxes doesn't allready exists.

[gocher] insertAnchor changes for IE

[gocher] now the anchor plugin could have innerHTML like a link

[gogo] Apply #124

[gogo] Fix toggle borders for moz - #102

[gogo] Apply #151 - trivial code cleaning.

[gogo] Fix #176 - incorrectly placed block of PHP.

[gogo] Removed .xvpics as per #230

[gogo] Fix for #231

[gogo] Apply #106 - IE error whe linking image

[gogo] Apply #170 bug with multiple editors.

[gocher] #20 Change InsertAnchor-Plugin
dialog with delete and change function

[niko] #225
several ImageManager fixes, see #225 for details

[niko] #216
InsertAncor as dialog

[niko] #147
use only one global popup.css

[niko] #224
Use default catalog if string not found in plugin catalog

[niko] #210

[niko] small fix from #213

[niko] #214 #215 #217
norvegian translation...

[niko] #212
deleted second OK

[niko] #101: text color highlight doesn't work in mozilla
this is a mozilla-bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=279330
this switches useCSS on as a workaround

[niko] bugfix for #136

[niko] #199: insert dropdown after ordered-list-button

[niko] #197: translate select-color-dialog

[niko] #187: added language-selection in full_example

[niko] #205

[niko] #158: _lc mistakes in ContextMenu

[niko] removed unused config-variable (my fault)
(from #60)

[niko] NO-language-files:
#189 #192 #193 #194 #195 #196 #198

[niko] #188: NO Langaugefile for linker

removed "Styles" from de and fr files as it isn't used anywhere in the linker-plugin!?

[yermol] turn off debugging trace messages

[niko] #186: i18n de

[niko] #185
german translation for findreplace

[niko] #172
New Plugin: FindReplace
Author: Cau Cuanabara <caugb at ibest.com.br>

I modified the plugin to work with the new i18n-system

[niko] #183: added i18n-strings

[niko] #182: _lc wrong called

[niko] fixed #174
(fixes bug introduced in changeset:81)

[niko] #173
fixed wrong use of this._lc

[niko] i18n-updates: #164 #163 #160

[niko] #161
added title so we see anchors name

[niko] #154 added OK and Cancel to i18n and changed ok to OK and cancel to Cancel

[niko] #153: remove unised "mozilla_security"

[niko] #157, added italian translation, removed wrong line from other languages

[niko] updated french-translation, attached in #98

[niko] quick fix for #148

[niko] - #146: added __dlg_translate in popups/insert_image.html
- #145: added label in __dlg_translate (popups/popup.js)
- #144: updated german translation (lang/de.js)
        added HTMLArea._lc when in createSelect - so we can translate option-items (htmlarea.js)

[niko] removed unused configuration-variable (use the global variable _editor_lcbackend)
accidently commited this with the i18n-system

[niko] #142: removed uneccesary backslash

[niko] ticket #141
hide statusbar when opening inline-dialog

[gogo] Fix for #134 - incorrect reference to button.

[guillaumed] Ticket 93 and 125

[guillaumed] Ticket 93 and 125. Seems to work but parts of code is written to walk around FF "features"...

Also use registerPlugin in registerPlugins..

[guillaumed] ticket #123 : add registerPlugins function

[gogo] Apply patch from #117 allowing configurable filenames/urls.

[niko] ticket #98: new i18n-system:
- changed every use of HTMLArea.I18N to HTMLArea._lc-function
- implemented HTMLArea._loadlang
- converted all language-files into the new system
- converted all language-files into utf-8
- removed all jp-* language-files except jp-utf8.js (and renamed it into jp.js)
- removed all en.js-files (not needed by the new system)
- removed all empty i18n-files

[niko] removed l10n-file as it is invalid here (its the HTMLArea-translation, not the TableOperations-plugin)

[niko] #118: french plugin-translation

[niko] ticket #67:
- label for files using the syntax suggested by gogo
- updated scan.php to use the new syntax

ticket #99:
- if scan.php returns invalid code the parse-error will be shown in the tree
  (no alert-box, see http://xinha.gogo.co.nz/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=130)

[niko] l10n: fr (#88), nl (#55), it (#79), de (#97)

[gogo] Fix for #100 - improves onsubmit handling

[guillaumed] Missing labels (ticket #109)

[guillaumed] ticket:59

The following code to the modification which remove the a link make me perplex...

[guillaumed] Change _createToobar to allow it to be incremented dynamically

[guillaumed] change registerPlugin to return the plugin created and add refreshPlugin to allow registering of plugin dynamicaly

[guillaumed] inserthorizontalrule changed

[guillaumed] inserthorizontal rule added
msg modified

[yermol] now uses PHP_SELF to figure out installation directory URL.
changed plugin to __plugin and f to __function everywhere.
updated README.

[yermol] images_url config option in image-manager.js relative to _editor_url
updated README file.

[yermol] third time's a charm. Had left debug messages turned on. Now turned off.

[yermol] couple last minute config tweaks.

[yermol] removed mistakenly added temporary file

[yermol] adding modified version of Xiang Wei Zhuo's ImageManager plugin that
now features a unified single entry-point backend.

Updated full_example to include ImageManager checkbox.

[yermol] changed this.width to 'toolbar'

[gogo] Applying #66

[gogo] Applying #64

[gogo] Appying patch #57 also changed other uses of escape() and unescape().  Not sure about changing 
charset=UTF-8 as mentioned in #57, because while the characters will be percent-encoded as %xx%xx  
they are still UTF-8, so it seems reasonable that the target server would want to be told that.

[gogo] Erroneous onload in example removed.
Another of those Array prototype problems.

[gogo] Fix for ticket #28

This one was tricky to track down, until I actually looked for 
javascript errors, DUH!

[gogo] Replacing undo, redo, cut, copy, paste.  cut copy and paste are not 
added to the toolbar when running in gecko (because they won't work for 
99.9% of people anyway).


[gogo] Fix for ticket #50

[gogo] Fix ticket #49 another of these problems with adding to Array's 

[gogo] Added plugin, couple of corrections.

[gogo] Applied patch in ticket #51

[gogo] Applied patch from ticket #31 to return editor from HTMLArea.replace()

[gogo] Apply patch from ticket #52 to allow safe mode operation.

[gogo] Add remove button - ticket:18

[gogo] Cancel dialog when no selection is made and no anchor is "focused" see 
ticket #16

[gogo] Fix ticket #33, returning false in form's onsubmit did not stop form 
from submitting.

[gogo] Removing the files I mentioned in changeset:25

[gogo] Adding InsertAnchor plugin, appears to work wihtout any problems.  Still 
need to find a better way for plugins like this to insert into the 

Note the php file is for the original dev to use gettext through php.  
I'll remove those files as they are specific to his install.

[gogo] Fix ticket #29 
This was caused because of the extra methods I've added to the array 
prototype.  I'm thinking that adding those was a bad idea and that they 
should be removed from the prototype and added as utility functions 
somewhere else.

[yermol] menu.css fix to make images appear.

[gogo] New about dialog.

[gogo] Setting more properties.

[gogo] Setting eol-style subversion property.

[gogo] Adding subversion properties.

[gogo] Removing old files, the old make system (don't need it), and old 
documentation files (not up to date so probably cause more trouble than 
they are worth right now).

I'll add a quick README to point to the example file to see usage, until 
we can get some better docs written.

[gogo] Make the plugin accept it's config through the editor config rather 
than as args to the constructor.  No other plugins do it in the way
that CSS did.

Note it's backwards compatabile, the main reason for the change is to 
make the new example a bit easier to write.

[gogo] Fix for toolbar insertion (did this ever work, or was insertunordedlist 
once called just unorderedlist ?)

[gogo] * Rewrote header comment, added developer notes etc.
 * Removed old commented-out code.
 * Added callback ability to loadPlugin
 * Added loadPlugins, makeEditors and startEditors, these are used by the new example, I should have committed this first.
 * Disabled the insert space at strategic locations code.  I can't really remember the original problem I was trying to solve, perhaps EnterParagraphs helps?

[gogo] Committing new example system.  Removed old examples.

[gogo] Make helpfile configurable - ticket:21

[gogo] Change the method of inserting a space in strategic locations.
See ticket:9

[gogo] Fix for the popup-focus problem.

[gogo] Fix to work with Xinha (the new Array. methods were leaking into the drop-down as 

This makes me wonder if adding to the Array prototype is a good idea after all.  I havn't 
seen any other problems though.

[gogo] = Minor =
 * Fix body re
 * Split the button image creation into a function for ease of use.
 * Fixes to the panel system
 * Added indexOf convenience method to Array objects 
   {{{ 3 == ['a','b','c'].indexOf('c'); }}}
 * Fix to the font dropdown updating (missing break)
 * Focus the popup editor window.  Not sure why I fixed that, because popupeditor is going 
to be removed totaly (in favour of FullScreen).

= Major =
 * Add an auto-link ability for Gecko.  This is intended to work the same way as IE, 
for example if you type www.example.com then IE automatically makes that into a link, it 
does the same for email addresses.  It's slightly better than IE's method though as this 
allows you to easily undo the "damage" if you didn't want the link created, just hit 
CTRL-Z (undo) or ESC (escape) immediatly after the link is created and it gets unlinked.  
Note: this adds a lot of code.  One day the IE and Gecko specific code should be split out 
so it's not loaded if it's not needed.
 * New config option "mozParahandler", this should be set to built-in, dirty or best
   * built-in doesn't alter mozilla's paragraph handling at all, so this probably means 
hitting enter will cause a <br/> to be inserted.
   * dirty will use the "quick and dirty" fix which will make mozilla put in paragraphs 
instead of breaks in most cases.  But it's far from perfect.
   * best will use "hipikat"'s EnterParagraphs plugin to provide the fix for mozilla 
(loading EnterParagraphs is not necessary it is done automatically if "best" is selected).  
The EnterParagraphs plugin will give the best results, but it will be slower about it.

[gogo] Fixes to work with the Combined-Image-Buttons and work better with multiuple editors.

It's not quite right yet, I can't get the images to show.

[gogo] Fixes to allow unicode more cleanly.

[gogo] New version from upstream (hipikat on the  htmlarea.com forums).

Note that a new config option is added, which allows turning this on automagically.

[gogo] Changes to improve aspell interaction, add the ability to add words to a personal 

A compiled drop-in aspell distribution (for Linux x86) will be made available on the 
website which can be just dropped-in.


[gogo] Change default position to right.

[gogo] Speed enhancements.

[xinha] Bootstrap

[...truncated 1396 lines...]
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/unsupported_plugins/HtmlTidy/lang/nb.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/unsupported_plugins/HtmlTidy/HtmlTidy.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/unsupported_plugins/HtmlTidy/html-tidy-config.cfg
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/unsupported_plugins/HtmlTidy/html-tidy-logic.php
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/unsupported_plugins/HtmlTidy/img
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/unsupported_plugins/HtmlTidy/img/html-tidy.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/unsupported_plugins/HtmlTidy/README
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/XinhaLoader_readme.txt
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/XinhaCore.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/compression_readme.txt
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/Xinha.css
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/compress.bat
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/compress.php
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/php-xinha.php
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/make-release.sh
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/compress_yui.php
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/lc_parse_strings.php
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/.htaccess
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/lc_merge_strings.php
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/test_server.py
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/contrib/dojo_js_compressor.jar
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/license.txt
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_indent_more.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/insert_table.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_html.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_align_left.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_undo.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_indent_less.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_align_justify.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_hr.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_copy.gif
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/de
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/de/bold.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/de/italic.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/de/underline.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_show_border.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_format_sup.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_splitcel.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_list_bullet.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_color_bg.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_overwrite.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_align_right.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_killword.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_help.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_redo.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_color_fg.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_align_center.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_align.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/xinha-small-icon.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/fullscreen_minimize.gif
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/fr
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/fr/bold.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/fr/strikethrough.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/fr/underline.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_cut.gif
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/32x32
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/32x32/apps
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/32x32/apps/internet-web-browser.png
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/32x32/places
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/32x32/places/network-server.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/32x32/places/folder.png
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/32x32/mimetypes
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/32x32/mimetypes/x-office-document.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/32x32/mimetypes/text-x-generic.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/32x32/mimetypes/text-html.png
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-text-underline.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/edit-copy.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-justify-right.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/insert-link.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-justify-center.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/folder-new.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-text-background-color.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/document-new.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-indent-more.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-justify-fill.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/document-print.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/edit-select-all.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/view-fullscreen.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-text-strikethrough.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/document-save.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-justify-left.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-indent-less.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/edit-redo.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/document-open.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-text-italic.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/toggle-borders.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-text-color.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-text-subscript.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/go-up.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/edit-undo.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-text-bold.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-direction-right-to-left.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-direction-left-to-right.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/insert-table.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/format-text-superscript.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/actions/view-restore.png
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/apps
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/apps/accessories-character-map.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/apps/help-browser.png
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/places
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/places/user-trash.png
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/mimetypes
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/16x16/mimetypes/image-x-generic.png
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tango/COPYING
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_print.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/insertmacro.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/fullscreen_maximize.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_link.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_delete.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_word_cleaner.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_splitblock.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_selectall.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_format_strike.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_about.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_custom.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/insertfilelink.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_charmap.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_paste.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_format_italic.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_save.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/xinha_logo.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_buttons_main.png
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_image.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_saveas.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_blank.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_rmformat.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_format_bold.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_left_to_right.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_right_to_left.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/toggle_borders.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_list_num.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_format_underline.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_save.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_clearfonts.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_format_sub.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/tidy.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/images/ed_buttons_main.gif
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/htmlarea.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/CreateLink
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/CreateLink/link.html
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/CreateLink/lang
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/CreateLink/lang/pt_br.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/CreateLink/dialog.html
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/CreateLink/link.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/CreateLink/pluginMethods.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InlineStyler
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InlineStyler/InlineStyler.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Dialogs
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Dialogs/XinhaDialog.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Dialogs/panel-dialog.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Dialogs/dialog.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Dialogs/div-dialog.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Dialogs/DetachedDialog.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Dialogs/popupwin.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang/pt_br.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang/ru.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang/es.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang/fr.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang/de.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang/sv.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang/nl.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang/ja.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang/pl.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/lang/nb.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/FullScreen/full-screen.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/AboutBox
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/AboutBox/about.css
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/AboutBox/dialog.html
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/AboutBox/AboutBox.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/GetHtml
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/GetHtml/lang
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/GetHtml/lang/pt_br.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/GetHtml/TransformInnerHTML.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/GetHtml/DOMwalk.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/WebKit
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/WebKit/WebKit.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Opera
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Opera/Opera.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InsertImage
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InsertImage/insert_image.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InsertImage/dialog.html
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InsertImage/insert_image.html
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InsertImage/pluginMethods.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Gecko
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Gecko/lang
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Gecko/Gecko.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/Gecko/paraHandlerBest.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InternetExplorer
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InternetExplorer/InternetExplorer.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/ColorPicker
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/ColorPicker/lang
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/ColorPicker/lang/pt_br.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/ColorPicker/ColorPicker.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InsertTable
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InsertTable/dialog.html
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InsertTable/insert_table.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InsertTable/pluginMethods.js
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/modules/InsertTable/insert_table.html
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/XinhaLoader.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/files
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/files/custom.css
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/files/stylist.css
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/files/Extended.html
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/files/ext_example-menu.php
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/files/full_example.css
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/files/ext_example-body.html
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/files/dynamic.css
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/files/ext_example-dest.php
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/simple_example.html
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/ExtendedDemo.html
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/XinhaConfig.js
A         xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/Newbie.html
AU        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha/examples/testbed.html
 U        xinha-resources/src/main/webapp/xinha
At revision 1312
At revision 39435
no change for http://svn.onehippo.org/repos/hippo/hippo-cms7/cms/branches/hippo-cms-2.22.xx since the previous build
Found mavenVersion 3.0.4 from file jar:file:/home/hudson/software/maven/apache-maven-3.0-latest/lib/maven-core-3.0.4.jar!/META-INF/maven/org.apache.maven/maven-core/pom.properties
Parsing POMs
failed to transfer Unable to locate resource in repository
failed to transfer Unable to locate resource in repository
ERROR: Failed to parse POMs
org.apache.maven.project.ProjectBuildingException: Some problems were encountered while processing the POMs:
[FATAL] Non-resolvable parent POM: Could not find artifact org.onehippo.cms7:hippo-cms7-project:pom:11.1-SNAPSHOT in hippo-maven2-snapshots (http://maven.onehippo.com/maven2-snapshots/) and 'parent.relativePath' points at wrong local POM @ line 20, column 11

	at org.apache.maven.project.DefaultProjectBuilder.build(DefaultProjectBuilder.java:325)
	at hudson.maven.MavenEmbedder.buildProjects(MavenEmbedder.java:360)
	at hudson.maven.MavenEmbedder.readProjects(MavenEmbedder.java:330)
	at hudson.maven.MavenModuleSetBuild$PomParser.invoke(MavenModuleSetBuild.java:1203)
	at hudson.maven.MavenModuleSetBuild$PomParser.invoke(MavenModuleSetBuild.java:1046)
	at hudson.FilePath.act(FilePath.java:791)
	at hudson.FilePath.act(FilePath.java:773)
	at hudson.maven.MavenModuleSetBuild$RunnerImpl.parsePoms(MavenModuleSetBuild.java:739)
	at hudson.maven.MavenModuleSetBuild$RunnerImpl.doRun(MavenModuleSetBuild.java:547)
	at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$AbstractRunner.run(AbstractBuild.java:434)
	at hudson.model.Run.run(Run.java:1390)
	at hudson.maven.MavenModuleSetBuild.run(MavenModuleSetBuild.java:420)
	at hudson.model.ResourceController.execute(ResourceController.java:82)
	at hudson.model.Executor.run(Executor.java:137)

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