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Jettro Coenradie jettro at jteam.nl
Thu Jul 17 08:46:54 CEST 2008

Hello readers,

Within the invitation to this list, Arje asked to give a short  
introduction in what we are going to use hippo 7 for. We at jteam have  
used it for the website www.onsonranje.nl and we see opportunities in  
using this at other customers. I am looking for a CMS that we are just  
going to pick like we pick tomcat, spring framework, etc. It should  
just be the most logical thing to do. Since we create a lot of high  
load web sites, we are in a need for a flexible system that is rich of  
features out of the box and that is highly adjustable, scalable,  
stable, etc.

We did have our problems using hippo 6, with 7 I think hippo has taken  
a big step in the right direction. If we can really make this work, I  
believe we can make the choice of CMS for our company.

groeten Jettro

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