[Hippo-cms7-user BETA] Problem with right menu in safari

Jettro Coenradie jettro at jteam.nl
Mon Jul 21 08:48:13 CEST 2008

Hi readers,
not sure if I should post this here, or file it as a bug. So please  
let me know if this is not the intention of this list.

I have a problem with the menu on the right, the attached image shows  
what happens when I try to edit a content type.

I am using the mac osx leopard with safari.

groeten Jettro

Jettro Coenradie - jettro at jteam.nl - http://www.jteam.nl - linkedin
Phone: +31(0)20 486 20 36 Fax: +31(0)20 475 08 28 Mobile: +31(0)6 3473  
Frederiksplein 1 - 1017 XK - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

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