[Hippo-cms7-user BETA] [b.vanhalderen at hippo.nl: Milestone 6.3 Hippo ECM]

(Berry) A.W. van Halderen b.vanhalderen at hippo.nl
Wed Jul 23 09:30:14 CEST 2008

The Hippo ECM team has last friday tagged milestone M6.3 of its suite..

This milestone had as main focus the inclusion of an image gallery.
Additionally many bugs and usability issues have been resolved.  This includes
in no particular order (the full and more complete listing is below):

- Complete styling upgrade;
- Editing improvements no more superfluous red crosses;
- Editing modeling bug fixes leading to ReferentialIntegrityException and
  ConstraintViolationExceptions, scrambling of field boxes, adding and
  removing fields more robust;
- Workflow more consistency displayed; categories merged where relevant,
  renaming, single entry for deleting items, descriptions in dialogs;
- After deleting folder select folder from which folder was deleted;
- Workflow of containing folder also available when focus on document;
- Publishing document will correctly change the state of a document, same for
  editing a published document which resolves issues that involve not being
  able to perform a legal workflow step;
- Lot of visual useability, various textual changes, hourglass while waiting,
  renaming actions in remodeling steps;
- Correct numbering on paging a documents listing, remove less used
- Timeouts on session, especially login screen more gracefully handled.
- Usage of hippo:resource to allow resources in virtual trees, split
  configuration types of CMS and repository more cleanly;
- Importing improvements to allow references by path rather than by uuid,
  merging, overriding, better reporting of illegal content;
- Scaling of HTML boxes while editing, scaling of foldertree, YUI layout

All artifacts for this milestone are available on our maven2 repository:
Amongst which an EAR or WAR which can immediately be deployed in containers
such as Glassfish or Tomcat.  For the WAR use the context root /cms:

The source of this milestone is available at:
If you are in need of upgrading from a M6.1 to M6.2 then we would like to
provide assistance, for the most optimal feedback on migration issues.

The Hippo ECM team.

Full list of reported issues resolved in this release:

HREPTWO-1006 Create session expired page
HREPTWO-1083 Import should be able to import REFERENCE property by named path rather than by UUID.
HREPTWO-1084 Import should be able to merge, override or create a same-name sibling on any part of the subtree.
HREPTWO-1134 hippo:resource should not be there, we already have nt:resource
HREPTWO-1135 Content model has no need to know of any hippo:image type
HREPTWO-1138 workflow frontend plugin class belongs in cms namespace
HREPTWO-1140 usersettings are cms functionality -> should move to hippocms namespace
HREPTWO-1142 hippo:user  firstname, lastname, email etc. belong in cms namespace
HREPTWO-1143 Obsolete hippo:plugin and hippo:pluginfolder can be removed
HREPTWO-1148 When AJAX loader is running, the mousepointer should be an hourglass too
HREPTWO-1149 Remove all unnecessary scrollbars
HREPTWO-1150 Change text on login screen
HREPTWO-1152 After logging in, go to dashboard tab
HREPTWO-1153 Re-opening of documents is unpredictable
HREPTWO-1157 Documentlisting: remove path
HREPTWO-1158 Foldertree: scale to 100% height
HREPTWO-1162 Document listing: paging should start with 1 instead of 0
HREPTWO-1163 Workflow texts
HREPTWO-1164 Merge workflow boxes
HREPTWO-1165 Merge workflow: keep folder actions available when a document is selected
HREPTWO-1166 Merge workflow: merge document actions, requests
HREPTWO-1168 Merge workflow: change versioning box
HREPTWO-1169 Workflow: unable to click "publish"
HREPTWO-1170 Workflow: after editing a LIVE document, the status doesn't change to CHANGED
HREPTWO-1171 Merge workflow: merge 2 delete buttons into 1
HREPTWO-1173 Editing: rename buttons
HREPTWO-1174 Editing: scale HTML fields to 100% width
HREPTWO-1177 Editing: remove red crosses
HREPTWO-1181 Workflow: request dialog could use a description
HREPTWO-1182 ReferentialIntegrityException when adding a field, remodel, and edit an updated document
HREPTWO-1183 ConstraintViolationException when adding a new document (after remodelling?)
HREPTWO-1184 Removing fields in document type editor is not saved in the node type definition
HREPTWO-1186 AbstractListingPlugin logs error on onModelChanged when clicked on root node
HREPTWO-1187 Remodel workflow: improve naming
HREPTWO-1188 Remodel workflow: remove dialog when editing
HREPTWO-1189 Editing a template: field boxes are scrambled
HREPTWO-1190 Editing a template: add "close without save" button
HREPTWO-1191 Editing a template: rename action
HREPTWO-1193 Editing a template: when adding a new field, instantiate it directly
HREPTWO-1195 Redesign template editor's "edit properties" box
HREPTWO-1197 Remodel workflow: improve action box
HREPTWO-1201 Image gallery
HREPTWO-1202 Example type definition and default gallery
HREPTWO-1207 Login screen: make login screen sessionless
HREPTWO-1210 Set primary item in template builder
HREPTWO-1214 when invalid binary data is present in init content, do not throw a 'unchecked repository' exception but a an IllegalArgumentException
HREPTWO-1219 Keep CMS session open by using a Ping
HREPTWO-1225 Document cannot be republished after edit/save
HREPTWO-1233 Add XinhaModalWindowBehavior
HREPTWO-1235 When uploading a new picture, automatically create a thumbnail and add this to the imageset
HREPTWO-1239 if we open two documents to edit, we still have one single _editor_jcrnode_url  which should be seperate for each document
HREPTWO-1241 Delete on images stored in gallery not functional
HREPTWO-1243 No document listing for editor and author users (authorization problem?)
HREPTWO-1245 Dashboard history view shows to much
HREPTWO-1249 Date picker template plugin: agenda javascript popup doesn't show up
HREPTWO-1257 User management: NPE
HREPTWO-1258 Add YUI layout behavior
HREPTWO-1261 Workflow: on delete, ask the user "Are you sure?"
HREPTWO-1262 Workflow: after delete action, display the correct folder
HREPTWO-1263 onModelChanged in ToggleVersionPlugin throws NPE for virtual nodes not having a canonical node
HREPTWO-1267 Browser tree does not refresh when uploading an image
HREPTWO-1269 Doclisting: name of a document is rendered with encoding
HREPTWO-1273 Release milestone 6.2

Berry A.W. van Halderen       b.vanhalderen at onehippo.com / berry at halderen.net
Disclaimer: the above is the author's personal opinion and is not the opinion
or policy of his employer or of the little green men that have been following
him all day.

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