[Hippo-cms7-user BETA] hippo:paths

Ard Schrijvers a.schrijvers at onehippo.com
Thu Nov 13 16:06:07 CET 2008

Hello Jeroen,

No, during re-importing content you do not need it, OTOH, it does not
harm. They belong to the 'derived' properties (just like we want to add
later on for 'date' fields -> year, month ...).

Derived properties are set automatically on a save action. 

Hippo:path are there, to have efficient searching in facetsearches that
have as a starting point some document path, like /content/news.

Also I use it a lot in the hst2 for effective searching. Jackrabbit is
very slow for xpath queries containing an initial document path. This
initial document path is replace by a hippo:path id in searches to be
more efficient

Regards Ard

> Hi all,
> when I do an export of my content (which I want to re-import 
> later on) I get a sv:property with the name hippo:paths in my 
> exported XML. It looks something similar to:
>   <sv:property sv:name="hippo:paths" sv:type="String">
>      <sv:value>7d92c518-511b-49e0-92b5-126970694fa8</sv:value>
>      <sv:value>cafebabe-cafe-babe-cafe-babecafebabe</sv:value>
>    </sv:property>
> What is the actual purpose of the property? Do I need it when 
> re-importing my content?
> Regards,
> Jeroen
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