[Hippo-cms7-user BETA] Combining two docs, I want to provide my custom DashboardPerspective.html

Frank van Lankvelt f.vanlankvelt at onehippo.com
Fri Oct 24 16:32:47 CEST 2008

Hi Jettro,
I'm afraid you've found one of the current weak spots here.  The problem
is that we're using a fixed set of "extension points" in the markup of
the DashboardPerspective.  The two ways to change the markup are:
- change the existing markup
- use your own markup, packaged with your own addon
  this requires changing the plugin.class property of the dashboard
perspective manually,
  in addition to steps in the tutorial
Neither solution is obviously better than the other, so take your pick.
In due course, we do want to improve on the current situation of course.
The problem of dynamically changing the markup is not trivial.  (any
thoughts on this?)  Currently, two kinds of plugin do support multiple
child plugins: the ListViewPlugin and the TabsPlugin.  This makes it
possible, for example, to add a Perspective without changing anything
except a dependency.
The easiest imaginable solution to your particular situation would be to
put three ListViewPlugins in the dashboard in the standard CMS
configuration.  Then your addon can define an additional node in the
dashboard perspective, selecting which column to use by setting the
wicket.id property.
In the common case of customizing templates, the problems disappear as
there is no pre-existing information (config or markup) to be modified.
cheers, Frank

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provide my custom DashboardPerspective.html

	I am looking for a way to add a plugin to the dashboard without
having to repackage the complete ecm war. I like the concept as
described in
	following the tutorial of HelloWorld, I created the
	Compliments for the way this works, it would be nice to add this
more concrete Helloworld sample to the other page or change the part in
the helloworld sample where you need to check out the source and make
changes to a file.
	Now instead of replacing an existing plugin it would be nice if
our plugin had it's own pace on the dashboard. For this we have to edit
the file
end/plugins/cms/dashboard/DashboardPerspective.html . Here we add the
following code at the location we want to render our plugin.
	Mention the pom for your project with the
	Now I think about it, should it be Skin? not Layout? It does
work for me.
	greetz jettro 

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