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Jeroen Reijn j.reijn at onehippo.com
Mon Aug 3 18:38:03 CEST 2009

All it comes down to is that you would want a predefined list of 
compound types, which you could add to the template similar in any order 
as the 'document type' editor does. We had something similar in CMS 6 
for the forms.



Arje Cahn wrote:
> Frank, here's what I was thinking as a nice solution:
> - a compound type that can hold any number of fields
> - when adding the compound type to a document type, you can select
> that you don't want the entire compound, but instead let the user pick
> one of the fields in the compound from a dropdown
> Would that be possible? I'm thinking about this because then we can
> leverage everything that's already in the template editor regarding
> compounds and complex types.
> Maybe you have to state that you want this functionality when creating
> the compound itself - I don't know..
> Arje
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