[Hippo-cms7-user] Sorting a translated list of document types

Arje Cahn a.cahn at onehippo.com
Tue Aug 4 13:04:58 CEST 2009

Hey Jasha,

> I've just added translations for all the document types in my project. When
> I add a new document, the document type list looks in a random order. I know
> it isn't, it just takes the untranslated name of the document type, but the
> customer will think it's random. Is there a way to sort the document types
> in the "new document" dialog on a translated alphabetical order?

Mmmmmmmmm... Good point.. I don't think so, at least not right now. Of
course it should be possible to change the algorithm so it does this,
but you'll have to dive into the code for that :)


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