[Hippo-cms7-user] We have set a new tag for the HST2 2.04.02

Ard Schrijvers a.schrijvers at onehippo.com
Thu Dec 3 22:45:50 CET 2009


We set a new HST2 tag 2.04.02. Most important changes are:

- persistence graduated out of sandbox
- JAX-RS support
- surf and edit; using a utility you can very easily add logic to your
JSPs that shows a link related to some content driving the user to the
exact right place in the CMS to edit the content
- canonical URLs; this is useful when you have a site with different
pages containing the same content. Using this feature you can feed the
search engine the same (canonical) url for each page.
- context aware linking; depending on the current context, one and the
same HippoBean can get a different url
- freemarker support
- out-of-the-box faceted navigation support (for ecm 2.10.00 and
higher); this allows the user to 'slice and dice' through the content
in different dimensions
- hst component configuration improvements with respect multiple inheritance
- support for search scope exclusion
- support for getLinkedBean and getLinkedBeans and a couple of other
facility methods for HippoBean
- some architectural internal improvements
- improved url encoding
- possibility to make a page contribution anywhere on the page through
header contributions with a category
- many other small fixes and improvements, see Jira project HSTTWO,
fix-for 2.04.02

Finally, we want to thank Tom van Zummeren for contributing to HST2.
(we did not forget Rob van der Linden Vooren for sending in patches,
but that is scheduled for the next tag)
Thanks Tom and Rob!

And of course everybody thanks for feedback and bug reporting


The Hippo team


1) Faceted navigation: we have an out-of-the-box example for faceted
navigation added to the hst2 demosuite/site: For this to see, you need
to update ecm version to 2.10.00 (this is not an official release) and
in /demosuite/content/src/main/resources/hippoecm-extension.xml
uncomment the node: <!--sv:node sv:name="demosite-facetproducts">

2) Persistence has been added to default BaseHstComponent: if you were
already using persistence from sandbox, pls change the
BaseHstPersistenceComponent to BaseHstComponent. Furthermore, some
moves and renaming have been done wrt api classes and implementation.
With the help of your IDE you should be up and running within minutes.
Note: The persistence is compatible with ECM 2.09.00 and higher

3) surf and edit: if you want to use it, make sure you add a build
property to your hst-config.properties, for example: cms.location =

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