[Hippo-cms7-user] Digital Assets Management?

Frank van Lankvelt f.vanlankvelt at onehippo.com
Mon Dec 21 09:31:38 CET 2009

> > Offcourse the advantage to realize DAM close to the CMS is the
> interaction
> > of the two. Photography-editors should be able to perform their tasks
> next
> > to text-editors, linking, editing and re-using.
> >
> > But I think designing a good DAM-interface should not be underestimated,
> > thats the real challenge...
> Hmm, you know, I always try to stay away (or i am kept away...is
> somebody doing this? :-) ) from gui interfaces, so you might have a

no comment...

No really, this is not trivial.  The repository may create some very
interesting virtual trees, but a tree is not a good interface.  So the CMS
needs to provide an infrastructure such that it is possible to define one's
own faceted navigation (facets & filters) and either generate a good UI
(which is technically 'interesting' and always rejected by users) or be able
to configure one.

In the website, one likely handles this problem by creating (JSP) templates
and controllers, so much of the complexity is pushed to the frontend
developer.  But we don't want to do this in the CMS.

point there :-)) Still, I'd love to see all these things being
> leveraged in the end, because the technical match is so good imo.
> yes, this is cool stuff that differentiates the Hippo repository from other
JCR implementations.

cheers, Frank
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