[Hippo-cms7-user] Failure initializing repository

(Berry) A.W. van Halderen b.vanhalderen at onehippo.com
Fri Feb 20 15:18:54 CET 2009

On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 05:59:21AM -0800, Paul Bakker wrote:
> Hi Berry,
> What I see in log4j.log is:
> 20.02.2009 13:19:03 WARN 
> [org.hippoecm.repository.RepositoryServlet.init():163] Started an RMI
> registry on port 1099
> 20.02.2009 13:23:11 ERROR
> [org.hippoecm.frontend.model.JcrSessionModel.load():155] Connection refused
> to host:; nested exception is: 
>         java.net.ConnectException: Operation timed out
> 20.02.2009 13:23:11 ERROR
> [org.hippoecm.repository.impl.WorkspaceDecorator.getWorkflowManager():107]
> No root session available javax.jcr.LoginExceptio
> n: Login not confirmed: Login not confirmed
> 20.02.2009 13:23:11 ERROR
> [org.hippoecm.frontend.model.JcrSessionModel.load():147]
> javax.jcr.RepositoryException: no root session available: Login not
>  confirmed: Login not confirmed

You are able to login to the CMS, right?  Because that confirms the
repository is running correctly.  The above error messages are unfortunate,
but since the CMS and repository are in the same package and the CMS
is used as filter, it starts up before the repository (which should be
possible), but then outputs a few messages before the connection to
the repository has become available.  Annoying and we should get rid
of the messages, but it does not hamper the usage at the moment.

> Other than that I see a lot of lines like
> 20.02.2009 13:15:15 WARN 
> [org.hippoecm.frontend.model.JcrItemModel.writeObject():148] Undetached
> JcrItemModel /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms
> /cms-static/dashboardLayout

Can be ignored, we should improve.  It is harmless but still shows that
we have a bug.  It warns us that we can only use the CMS in a clustered
fashion using sticky session (which is normally a good thing to do, so
the urgency is not too high, the warning is a reminder for us).

> The login screen of the CMS shows:
> Hippo CMS versie   build   (Hippo ECM Repository 2.01.04  )
> © 1999-2008 Hippo B.V. 

Okay, thas is indeed the latest version of the CMS and repository, the
HST2 isn't upgraded yet to that version and requires 2.01.03 I think.

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