[Hippo-cms7-user] New release: Hippo CMS 7.1 and Hippo Site Toolkit 2.03.09

Arje Cahn a.cahn at onehippo.com
Thu Jun 18 15:19:52 CEST 2009

The Hippo team is proud to announce the release of a new Hippo CMS 7.1
and the official release of the Hippo Site Toolkit 2 (HST2). A lot of effort has
gone into stability, user interaction and performance.
With the new HST you can effortlessly configure your Hippo CMS driven
website. Check out the HST demo suite to see what is possible today!

1. Hippo CMS 7.1 release notes
2. Hippo Site Toolkit 2.03.09 release notes
3. List of Jira issues that have been resolved in Hippo CMS 7.1

1. Hippo CMS

Important changes for Hippo CMS end-users
The following changes impact the way users work with Hippo. We recommend
that you inform your end-users about the following changes when upgrading
from 7.0 to 7.1:

Folder actions
The folder actions (Add new document and Add, Rename, Delete, Order Folder)
are now available as a context menu in the foldertree. In Hippo CMS 7.0, folder
actions where located in a dropdown commonly referred to as the "Choose one"
dropdown. This dropdown was situated above the document listing. Based on
end user feedback, we moved the folder actions into the folder tree.
The menu is visible when hovering over a folder in the folder tree. Click on the
dropdown icon and... Tadaa! There's your menu.
See the documentation on how the new Folder Action Menu works:

Improved Workflow Toolbar
The workflow toolbar now groups document and publication actions in a
dropdown menu right under the currently selected tab in review mode. See
the documentation for screenshots:

- User interaction improvements
- Tab handling: tabs now have a close button and a separate save button.
- Also, a new tab now always open on the left side (moving the other tabs to
 the right), and a new review tab will now stay open so you can have
 multiple documents open in review mode
 (see http://www.onehippo.org/cms7/delve_into/user/contributors/concepts/review_mode.html)
- HTML Editor: fixed a number of Xinha issues
- Workflow toolbar now groups document and publication actions in a
 dropdown menu
- Folder actions are now available as a context menu in the foldertree, see
 the documentation for more information:
- The dialog "OK" button now behaves like a proper OK button! No more
 doubleclicks needed :)
- Small esthetical improvements: icons, colors, etc
- Observations: a new plugin communication mechanism has been
 introduced that replaces the old inter-plugin "jcr flush" broadcast.
 A plugin can now register itself as an observer for a piece of data
 (the observable) and will receive events when another plugin makes a
 change to that data.  Modifications that have been made in other
 sessions are visible in the same way, transparent to the plugin.
 For a demo of this functionality, open the CMS in two browser windows.
 Changes in one window will appear (after a save) automatically in the
 other (yay!)
- Browser compatibility improvements. Hippo CMS 7.1 now works on
 IE 6, 7, Firefox 3 and Google Chrome.
 We have spent a lot of time to make sure Internet Explorer 6 behaves
 correctly, although there are still some known issues with rendering.
- Improved stability
 - Fixed thrown exceptions
 - Fixed workflow cycle issues
 - Fixed deadlocks
 - Multi-user stability has been improved significantly
 - Fixed missing Dutch translations
- Improved performance

What didn't make it into the release?
- SPI implementation to improve performance when running in an
 environment where the CMS / Repository and website run in separate
 - We decided to focus on stability, multi-user support, usability and
 - On an architectural level, a lot of time has been spent preparing the code
   base for the upcoming SPI layer

To see the demo as a stand-alone download (including Jetty) at the
following location:

or if you want to deploy the CMS application as a WARin an
application container:
or as an EAR:

If you want to check out the sources and build it yourself, checkout

2. Hippo Site Toolkit 2.03.09
The Hippo Site Toolkit 2 (HST2) is a set of tools that enables a developer
to build websites by providing modular component based interaction
and processing of any resources. URL mapping and link rewriting is
handled for you. There is a clear separation between behavior (plain
Java HstComponents), content (from Hippo Repository) and
presentation (JSP, Velocity, Freemarker etc.)
Also, by default, you'll have a preview and live environment of your website.

HST2 provides a seamless portal integration and a SpringMVC bridge.
Writing a Component for a website is the same as writing a component
for a portlet.

If you want to see the demo site it in action, you can either:

Download the demo CMS from:

and the demo website from:

and drop them in Tomcat. Start Tomcat and browse to:



If you want to check out the sources and build it yourself, checkout
After a mvn clean install -DskipTests, you can startup the
/demosuite/cms and /demosuite/site with mvn jetty:run-war.

3. List of Jira issues that have been resolved in Hippo CMS 7.1
The list got kinda long. It's attached to this email :)


The Hippo Team
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The following list shows that main issues that has been resolved since
that latest GA release of Hippo ECM 7.0. 

HREPTWO-473 Update from other users (or workflow) should trigger an update in CMS
HREPTWO-530 Optional remember me functionality in login screen
HREPTWO-601 Facets for year, month, weeknr, day
HREPTWO-607 Change copy/move/delete/rename into workflow steps
HREPTWO-812 Refactored workflowsplugin
HREPTWO-1369 Simplified cluster controls
HREPTWO-1411 Integration test framework
HREPTWO-1481 Allow workflows to be configured with data stored as parameters
HREPTWO-1521 Workflow in preview window works on latest selected document, rather than on document in preview window
HREPTWO-1648 Implement observations in CMS
HREPTWO-1673 Cache should be disabled when Application.ConfigurationType is Development
HREPTWO-1703 Very rare NullPointerException in ViewVirtualProvider in populate method
HREPTWO-1723 Dragdrop in IE7 did not work for dragging documents or files
HREPTWO-1747 Xinha autoresizer plugin did not fit the textarea. It is takes about half the field space
HREPTWO-1772 Make a dropdown menu for use in the hippo toolbar 
HREPTWO-1827 Path field in template editor does not look editable
HREPTWO-1838 SPI layer made functional
HREPTWO-1882 Prevent versioning of virtual nodes
HREPTWO-1908 If the header above the document tab region is long, it splits in two lines, looking extremely ugly
HREPTWO-1922 Restyled popup windows
HREPTWO-1937 After namespace name clicked in second column no listing of that namespace in second column
HREPTWO-1966 Upgraded to jackrabbit 1.5
HREPTWO-1980 Show virtual folders and nodes with a different icon
HREPTWO-1999 Improved user interface for workflows
HREPTWO-2027 Set default heap and stack size for quickstart bin
HREPTWO-2045 Editing plugins show edit mode in preview
HREPTWO-2047 Missing resource for createType in history on dashboard
HREPTWO-2053 Reimplement all standard Hippo CMS 6 features in CMS 7
HREPTWO-2058 Improve user management user interface
HREPTWO-2066 Ability for user to change their password and email address
HREPTWO-2071 Inconsistent names showing templatetype or document type
HREPTWO-2081 Pulldown menu gone after update all content
HREPTWO-2091 Unequal visual mark of folder being current
HREPTWO-2096 Improve flow of preview/edit/save/close cycle
HREPTWO-2102 Creating a document type with a hippo:resource component failing
HREPTWO-2115 Ghost todo item in case of request for deletion of non-existing documents
HREPTWO-2119 Acceptance buttons for editor partly or completely invisible and then not clickable
HREPTWO-2125 Logic for enabling of virtual layer no longer responsibility of modules
HREPTWO-2140 Improve CMS search behavior by constructing a more efficient query
HREPTWO-2147 Documents listing did not show correct page
HREPTWO-2154 Delete image confirmation dialog
HREPTWO-2163 Cannot create external links in Xinha field
HREPTWO-2171 Delete button did not delete outstanding requests
HREPTWO-2175 Not all content items can be selected in the image, document and asset picker
HREPTWO-2176 Group membership lookup on login is not case insensitive when the backend is case insensitive
HREPTWO-2179 ItemNotFoundException when editing document with picture in HTML field
HREPTWO-2183 Admin password could not be set from within CMS
HREPTWO-2184 Removed unused templates from hippo namespace
HREPTWO-2185 Set sort fixed on node name in permissions, groups and users panel
HREPTWO-2188 Added delete group option
HREPTWO-2189 External group memberships are not correctly displayed in set memberships panel
HREPTWO-2190 Split edit group and set members
HREPTWO-2192 Diverse console operation issues
HREPTWO-2193 Members list does not refresh in group view after editing members 
HREPTWO-2205 Login plugin should be repository-configured plugin
HREPTWO-2207 First click on ok button is ignored
HREPTWO-2211 Template editor does not show extra width and height properties
HREPTWO-2215 Build problem reported regarding use of junit
HREPTWO-2217 Previewing a big article did not show a scollbar
HREPTWO-2220 Search throws errors on non-escaped characters
HREPTWO-2221 JcrNodeModel should return Node type rather than HippoNode
HREPTWO-2222 Cannot remove link/image from Xinha pickers
HREPTWO-2223 HTMLCleaner strips of anchor tags
HREPTWO-2225 Internal link in Xinha field does not get correctly URL encoded
HREPTWO-2226 Removal of duplicate dependencies
HREPTWO-2232 Running the eclipse create links tool twice on linux failed
HREPTWO-2239 Plugin config does not need to be detachable
HREPTWO-2243 When creating a document it should open automatically in the editor
HREPTWO-2247 Add the abbility to add Long and Double types in the template editor
HREPTWO-2249 Memory leak resolved when accessing the login page in a ping alive frequently
HREPTWO-2254 Allow faceted search on properties in sub nodes of document
HREPTWO-2256 Refresh in admin perspective did not work properly
HREPTWO-2260 Creating and saving users and groups fails in admin perspective with SPI enabled
HREPTWO-2261 Updates of workflow steps do not always propagate to front-end
HREPTWO-2262 Random, transient failing unit tests
HREPTWO-2264 Allow default read permissions to translations
HREPTWO-2266 Copying node in console failed
HREPTWO-2267 Support listeners in CMS mapping layer
HREPTWO-2279 Faceted Browsing user interface
HREPTWO-2283 Provide means to generate pdf version of site documentation
HREPTWO-2286 Prevent usage of sun.* classes for base64 encoding/decoding
HREPTWO-2290 Documentlisting is shown when no valid folder is selected
HREPTWO-2303 Created an interface for closeable render services
HREPTWO-2309 NegativeArraySizeException when using search box
HREPTWO-2315 Builds with netbeans failed
HREPTWO-2317 New property not always displayed in console directly after adding
HREPTWO-2320 HREPTWO475 test sometimes fails with java 6 64bit
HREPTWO-2321 Make build more robust against out of PermGen memory errors by forking the compile process
HREPTWO-2323 Allow zIndex configuration of YUI layout units
HREPTWO-2324 Use patched version of jackrabbit jcr2spi prior to release of jackrabbit including jcr-2016
HREPTWO-2327 AccessManager allows modifying any property that can be read
HREPTWO-2328 Allow user and group matching for nodenames in facetrules
HREPTWO-2329 Add authorization rules so users can edit their own user nodes
HREPTWO-2330 Used hippostd:taggable in defaultcontent
HREPTWO-2333 BasicReviewedActionsWorkflow restore method can also throw MappingException and RepositoryException
HREPTWO-2343 Copy node in console dialog should select parent node as target
HREPTWO-2344 Show context menu button when hovering over a folder
HREPTWO-2345 Make context menu hover over the doclisting
HREPTWO-2346 Do not show AJAXloader when checking for context menus to close
HREPTWO-2348 Add Virtual View icon to faceted folders
HREPTWO-2349 A facetsearch node should be rendered empty
HREPTWO-2350 Apply doclisting filters to facetsearch nodes in foldertree
HREPTWO-2352 Add icons to document and publication dropdown
HREPTWO-2356 Adding a document to the currently selected folder does not update doclisting
HREPTWO-2357 Facetsearch counters not updated after publication
HREPTWO-2358 Close tab should check for unsaved changes
HREPTWO-2360 Add folder functionality to foldertree
HREPTWO-2363 WorkflowPlugin did not cleanup instantiated plugins
HREPTWO-2364 NullPointerException when closing tab
HREPTWO-2365 Delete caused path not found
HREPTWO-2368 Improved performance of CMS
HREPTWO-2369 Cannot select document with Link type
HREPTWO-2370 Creating new document type crashes CMS
HREPTWO-2372 Add versioning check in and out button to console
HREPTWO-2373 Workflow toolbar disappears when renaming folder in which the document being viewed is open
HREPTWO-2374 CMS unstable when creating a document with the same name as a previous deleted document
HREPTWO-2375 Provide translations for exceptions when executing workflow actions
HREPTWO-2377 Prevented NullPointerException in StringConverter
HREPTWO-2378 Obtaining editable instance of checked out document, but with checked in handle fails
HREPTWO-2379 Imagepicker: display maximal 10 images
HREPTWO-2380 Attic potentially visible from within CMS
HREPTWO-2381 Eclipse Monkey script additions
HREPTWO-2383 Scheduled publication unit test failed when machine slow
HREPTWO-2387 Workflows for requests were not accessible to admin user
HREPTWO-2389 Fatal error when editing due to root node in facetselect
HREPTWO-2393 Make console permissions privileges aware
HREPTWO-2398 Add image/asset workflow on images and assets workflow
HREPTWO-2409 Contents of Xinha field are not always saved
HREPTWO-2410 PendingChanges throws exception when using SPI when a node has been removed
HREPTWO-2414 Delete document dialog did not show to be deleted document name
HREPTWO-2417 Styling on IE6 was broken
HREPTWO-2419 Login dialog should show warning when credentials are invalid
HREPTWO-2421 Link picker is not shown for docbase
HREPTWO-2424 CMS did not navigate to document when it is already open in editor
HREPTWO-2425 Cannot publish document after it has been taken offline due to workflow not updating
HREPTWO-2428 Unable to copy or move document
HREPTWO-2431 Documents remains visible in listing when folder is deleted
HREPTWO-2433 Replaced Amount of documents by Number of documents in publish all dialog
HREPTWO-2434 Immediately update list of groups in user panel when setting memberships
HREPTWO-2435 Changing the path of a field results in loss of the value
HREPTWO-2441 Edits in HTML area in htmlmode were not always saved
HREPTWO-2442 Field was not removed from type when plugin is removed from template
HREPTWO-2443 Field value is lost when path is changed in template builder
HREPTWO-2444 SPI HippoNode.getCanonicalNode threw PathNotFound on new node
HREPTWO-2445 Namespace hippostd claims that publishableSummary has fields that are same as those of publishable
HREPTWO-2446 Namespace hippo claims that document has a Xinha field named contents
HREPTWO-2450 Renaming a folder does not refresh folder name
HREPTWO-2452 Drop hippo:facetselect to version from hippo:document type defintion
HREPTWO-2453 New document shortcut on dashboard disabled
HREPTWO-2454 Performance degradation of cms in later versions improved
HREPTWO-2464 Documents moved are found by queries that do not expect deleted documents
HREPTWO-2466 Log output contained unnecessary errors/warnings
HREPTWO-2467 Invalid error message when entering a new user
HREPTWO-2471 Useless buttons when creating new image removed
HREPTWO-2480 Limit upload file size to prevent out of memory errors when limit reached
HREPTWO-2481 Error after Update all content resolved
HREPTWO-2482 Could not add tags in template builder
HREPTWO-2483 Error while saving document resolved
HREPTWO-2484 Provided test available for the class GotolinkDocumentsShortcutPlugin
HREPTWO-2486 Facetselect and facetsearch nodes not updated on refresh of root node
HREPTWO-2489 Dutch translations were missing in admin panels
HREPTWO-2491 Add move, rename, and copy functionality to assets and images
HREPTWO-2497 Updated release method and documentation
HREPTWO-2498 Reports were not refreshed
HREPTWO-2500 Show CMS and Repository version in system information panel
HREPTWO-2502 Add search boxes to repository browser for uuid, sql and xpath
HREPTWO-2504 ContextMenu sometime executed close callback when no context-menu is open 
HREPTWO-2505 FolderTreePlugin throws NullPointerExceptions when no workflow is configured
HREPTWO-2507 Empty dropdown menu for virtual nodes should not show at all
HREPTWO-2508 Same document reopened when saving
HREPTWO-2509 Multiple open editors leads to loss of newly entered content
HREPTWO-2510 Variable name node name in title in stead of its value on open document tab
HREPTWO-2511 Do not refresh complete editor when a field changes
HREPTWO-2512 Clicking done when editing an article with no changes resulted in warning in the console/log
HREPTWO-2513 Pressing save after creating a new document type resulted in NullPointerException
HREPTWO-2514 Queries sorting on node name have reversed order
HREPTWO-2515 Page refresh results in loss of dialog window
HREPTWO-2516 Saving only occurs after clicking the button twice
HREPTWO-2517 Dutch translations for workflows
HREPTWO-2518 Fix refresh tree in the CMS console 
HREPTWO-2519 When creating new document select path in the tree widget
HREPTWO-2524 Moving document dialog does not update (close) correctly after clicking ok
HREPTWO-2529 Search should do a wildcard query after 3 seconds of delay
HREPTWO-2531 Clicking Done on a document should switch it back to preview mode
HREPTWO-2533 State change was reflected in workflow bar only after close open tab
HREPTWO-2534 XML Import in console was broken
HREPTWO-2535 Popup Menu Item for Folder only worked when clicked on Text
HREPTWO-2537 Dutch translation issues for folders
HREPTWO-2545 Adding a property in the console renders all existing properties with empty values. 
HREPTWO-2546 Trying to edit template overview results in error on the console
HREPTWO-2565 SPI getCanonicalNode throws PathNotFound on moved node
HREPTWO-2567 Images folder navigation pane was not localized for english
HREPTWO-2574 Fix confusing button to create folder at root level
HREPTWO-2580 Pending changes stopped processing events after ItemNotFoundException
HREPTWO-2583 The hippo:prototype query uses query language with incorrect capitalization
HREPTWO-2586 Prevent NullPointerException thrown by DocumentsProvider when JcrNodeModel getNode returns null
HREPTWO-2587 Prevent NullPointerException thrown by ListDataTable on destroy
HREPTWO-2588 JcrObservationManager stops processing events after first PathNotFoundException
HREPTWO-2590 Improved stability when CMS under stress
HREPTWO-2592 Html field not saved when saving quickly after open
HREPTWO-2593 More than one date facet broke facet search
HREPTWO-2594 Run frontend engine tests over plain RMI as well as over SPI
HREPTWO-2601 Change ordering of GalleryWorkflowPlugin workflow steps
HREPTWO-2605 Deploying in Tomcat gave errors
HREPTWO-2607 Repo path variable not set correctly in quickstart bin startup script
HREPTWO-2610 Editor refreshed while entering content
HREPTWO-2617 Publication related items are not translated to Dutch for role Author
HREPTWO-2618 Tab is not updated to the new name of the document
HREPTWO-2622 JcrPropertyValueModel sometime detects wrong types making it impossible to view virtual nodes in console
HREPTWO-2623 Using an inner nodetype in a repeated block showed the add button, but the button has no effect
HREPTWO-2624 Fields seem to multiply when enabling the taggable mixin in the quickstart article type
HREPTWO-2625 The text closed without saving did not fit in the button
HREPTWO-2627 Fixed IllegalStateException while deleting node from the root in the console
HREPTWO-2629 Import broken for some import scenario
HREPTWO-2631 HTML cleaner does not run always
HREPTWO-2632 Changed dutch translations for workflow status messages
HREPTWO-2633 Change order of the workflow items in the document pulldown
HREPTWO-2641 Update release to embedded mode without SPI usage
HREPTWO-2644 Optimize path to id lookup by skipping lookups for properties
HREPTWO-2645 JcrObservationManager threw unnecessary PathNotFoundException
HREPTWO-2646 Removed dependency on HippoHierarchyManager in HippoAccessManager
HREPTWO-2652 Documents folder should be orderable
HREPTWO-2653 HippoAccessManager getNodeId() should not return null when is node id cannot be found
HREPTWO-2654 HippoAccessManager relied heavily on the AtticAwareHierarchyManager which is very slow
HREPTWO-2658 Paging in the linkpicker improved
HREPTWO-2660 General picker should not show add new root folder workflow buttons
HREPTWO-2661 HST configuration editor icon in cms
HREPTWO-2665 Fix paging in image picker 
HREPTWO-2668 Removed hippostd:date from template editor for release, functionality is still available
HREPTWO-2672 Moving fields in template editor alters path info
HREPTWO-2673 Performance degradation of cms in later versions improved
HREPTWO-2679 Workflow menu threw exception after renaming a document
HREPTWO-2691 UI: Preview of a newly selected document is not shown after opening many documents (eg. 8)
HREPTWO-2692 Performance problems in documents with many facetselect in editor
HREPTWO-2694 XinhaNodePlugin throws NullPointerExceptions
HREPTWO-2695 AbstractXinhaPlugin sets feedback message null which is not allowed
HREPTWO-2696 NodeTemplateProvider throws NullPointerExceptions in load method
HREPTWO-2698 Preview image is not shown on content panel
HREPTWO-2699 Remove raw html printed in history
HREPTWO-2702 NullPointerException thrown by NodeTemplateProvider
HREPTWO-2703 Workflow text did not fit
HREPTWO-2707 Facet select/link in quickstart gave exception
HREPTWO-2712 Admin panels should use global feedback panel
HREPTWO-2717 Java deadlock during multi user stress testing
HREPTWO-2718 HippoAccessManager cannot find itemstates on save that should be available
HREPTWO-2724 NullPointerException in mixinplugin
HREPTWO-2727 Pressing done did not close editor when no changes present
HREPTWO-2729 Added a set today button in calendar in a back end template
HREPTWO-2734 ConcurrentModificationException in EditorManagerPlugin
HREPTWO-2735 NullPointerException in DateFieldWidget
HREPTWO-2736 Project structure inconsistent in editor pom.xml
HREPTWO-2737 Foldertree context menu icon did not show in IE6 when hovering over a folder
HREPTWO-2738 Added a root folder in quickstart to galleries and assets gallery
HREPTWO-2740 Verified correctness of JVM arguments quickstart

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