[Hippo-cms7-user] Procedure to load namespace, cnd and backend templates

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On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 12:47 PM, Andor Vierbergen
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> We have a standard, clean Hippo repository, so without HST, /content,
> /live and /preview nodes.
> We want to load the customer specific configuration into this.
> What is the procedure for importing the correct settings?
> And is this possible both via the /cms/console interface and repository
> bootstrap import, or only during repository bootstrap?

Both possible.
Note that the console method is not the only way to change an existing
You probably know that you can use
content/src/main/resources/hippoecm-extension.xml for imports when starting
the CMS and repository in a servlet container.
You can not only do that on a fresh repository, but also on an existing
repository for additional imports. Any imports defined in
hippoecm-extension.xml that have already been performed in that repository,
will not be re-done, only new imports defined in the hippoecm-extension.xml
will be performed.

> 1. Create/define "customer" namespace ("add namespace" function in
> console?)
> 2. Import "customer" CND schema ("import CND" function in console?)
> 3. Import "customer" backend templates and prototypes XML ("import xml"
> function in console?)
> Or are there different steps/order?

These are correct steps and order for 'handwork' via cms console.

Hope that answers your questions,

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