[Hippo-cms7-user] Creating a new Forge project for CMS selection plugins

Dennis Dam d.dam at onehippo.com
Thu Nov 19 10:46:55 CET 2009

Hi all,

I've been working at a radiogroup plugin for the CMS last week and added the
code the dropdown forge project, since that code already contained plugins
for a dropdown and a multiselect field. It makes sense that these plugins
are bundled in one project I think, because they share code! However ... the
naming of the project ("dropdown") and the namespace used (
http://dropdown-plugin.forge.onehippo.org/nt/2.0) have ceased to be
consistent when the multiselect and radiogroup plugins were added.
Therefore, I'd like to propose to create a  new forge project called
"selection-plugins" that holds all CMS plugins that use a list of items that
can be selected.  The code of the dropdown forge project will then be moved
to this new forge project and the dropdown forge project can be marked
deprecated. WDYT?

By the way, I assumed it's not possible to rename a forge project, is that

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