[Hippo-cms7-user] Adding support for a new language

Vijay Kiran v.kiran at onehippo.com
Tue Feb 9 19:14:44 CET 2010

On 09-Feb-2010, at 5:02 PM, Francesco Chicchiriccò wrote:

> On 09/feb/10, at 16:03, Frank van Lankvelt wrote:
>> not that I'm aware of, but it can be summarised pretty succinctly.
>> You'll need to add .properties files for plugins (CmsPlugin_it.properties) and add hippo:translation nodes to nodes of (mixin) type hippo:translated.
>> I think the format is pretty self-explanatory, but let me know if I can give more hints.
>> It should be possible to package the translations in a separate jar that can be added to the cms war.  (we haven't tried this yet, so let me know how it works out; this would be good Hippo Forge material IMHO)
> Frank,
> thanks for your suggestions, I think that I will create a project in the forge as soon as I get something working.
> Very nice idea about creating a single JAR containing all the *_it.properties files.
> Ehm, sorry for the question, but how do I create the required hippo:translation nodes?

I think this might be a bit involved. For starters, you can find out all the hippo:translation nodes and add _it_ translation. You can create the nodes using the (System View) XML and load it via hippoecm-extension.xml.

Not all the plugins use the CMS way of localization (Using translator service/hippo:translated), so you need to find out which plugins are using *.properties files and add the *_it.properties to your translator plugin. But you need to make sure that the files are in the same package structure as well.


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