[Hippo-cms7-user] Websphere

Berry van Halderen b.vanhalderen at 1hippo.com
Fri Feb 12 09:51:56 CET 2010

I've tested running the hippo-ecm-quickstart-war on WebSphere 6.1, and
with a single parameter you should be able to get it running.
I've managed to deploy HippoCMS Quickstart WAR using the following
- First download the hippo-ecm-qucikstart-war-2.09.06.war package
- also, create a global writable directory (unix "chmod 777 directory").
 In production environments you will be using a real database, but the
 quickstart uses a builtin database (which needs storage too), such that
 you don't have to go through configuring that too (hence the quickstart).
- login to the administrative console of WebSphere
- goto Applications -> Install New Application
 specify the path AND check the box "show me all installation options"
 As context root just choose anything
- the next two screen does not require any changes
- in the following options screen, just make sure the "file permissions"
 do not impose additional limitations.
- now step through the following steps until "Step 5: initialize parameters"
- in this screen you can edit the repository-directory named initial parameter.
 set this to the directory you have global write permissions set to (step 2 of
 this list.  In this case /home/bvanhalderen/storage
- step though all further configuration screens until you get to the summary.
- check and click finish.  The application is deployed but still not active.
 from the Applications > Enterprise applications you get to the overview
 screen showing all applications.  Select the hippo-ecm-quickstart
 application and hit the "start" button.
Allow for everything to startup and surf to the deployment address of
WebSphere, for me    http://localhost:9080/hippo/

And you should see the CMS up and running.

The trick is just giving it a writable directory.  If this is not an
option, we must
go through configuration of a database, but because this varies on the
database in use, this is not completely (though largely) out of the box.


P.S.: the screenshots were too large for this mailing list, hence the
URLs used to link to the screenshots.

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