[Hippo-cms7-user] Customizing Hippo 7

Francesco Chicchiriccò francesco.chicchiricco at everett.it
Wed Feb 17 14:19:45 CET 2010

I have some questions related to the customization of Hippo 7:

1. Is there any place for the Date widget in which I can tell which  
Locale the date should use for display, inside the CMS interface? At  
the moment it seems to use the MM/DD/YYYY pattern.
Will this be controlled by the upcoming Polyglot plugin? About this,  
is this plugin in the forge or not? When is it a first release planned?

2. In Hippo 6 there used to be an htmlarea.js file to configure the  
various instances of xinha, in potentially different document  
templates; where could this be done in Hippo 7?

3. Is there any way to customize the document list (folder content) in  
the CMS interface, by adding more information? At the moment only Name  
and State are shown, but it would be useful to add - for example -  
last modification date or last author.

4. Is there any way to customize the revision history popup? For  
example, to add who published / unpublished the document.

Thanks for your support.


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