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Dev Vale Xilv3r at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 02:43:44 CEST 2010


Thanx for the quick and informative response.
Now I know I can start with creating the component.
But to dig a little deeper and from the research I have done so far.
It seems that it is not possible to create a component which is not visible
on the website, since you have to refer to a specific jsp file (as far as I
can tell), next to that it is also not possible to create a component
without modifying some of the standard hst files, is this correct or did I
miss something?

I did however read somewhere that following the same folder structure could
overwrite the older file:
example: if your site module has: src/main/webapp/images/banner.jpg
in your OWN module you could follow the same folder structure:
and the latter would overwrite (however I am unable to retrieve the page I
read it from)

To give a little in depth information of what I am trying to accomplish: I
am trying to create a component that does the following:
If a user comes on my website via a search engine, the component would parse
the "referer" and get the keywords used in the search (example: user types
in google: Mycompany name Xbox, xbox would be the key parsed), afterwords
the keywords would be matched to constraints already saved in the repository
(how they got in the repository is currently not relevant) if a match is
found, depending on the action given when a certain constraint is found (in
this case the action is: show specific content on the webpage), the
component then shows content on the webpage based on the action. 

(the assumptions you need here is: you own a company that sells various
products, your website is split into segments depending on your products, if
a person falls into a specific segment, content will be shown of that

This is in global lines what I am trying to accomplish:
However the questions regarding this scenario is:

1. the component must be standalone (meaning can I write the component
without having to modify the standard HST files?)
2. HST webpage is build up of multiple JSP files, some of them are linked to
java classes, would be possible to implement those classes in a component?
3. Is there any place where I can find an example of dynamic content
changing using hippo?

Thanx in advance

Dev Vale
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