[Hippo-cms7-user] new Hippo CMS 7.3 tag - 2.12.11

Frank van Lankvelt f.vanlankvelt at onehippo.com
Fri May 21 11:05:47 CEST 2010

Hi all,

there's a brand new update for Hippo CMS 7.3, sporting a number of new
features and of course some bugfixes for good measure.

When you're on an earlier version in the series, be sure to

- add SecurityManager configuration to the repository.xml; the
JackRabbit section now requires a SecurityManager declaration:
  <Security appName="Jackrabbit">
    <SecurityManager class="org.hippoecm.repository.security.SecurityManager"/>
    <AccessManager class="org.hippoecm.repository.security.HippoAccessManager"/>
    <LoginModule class="org.hippoecm.repository.security.HippoLoginModule"/>

- in the web.xml for the CMS application, change the "config"
parameter of the console servlet to value "console":

For your convenience, the issues since 2.12.09:

New Features:

 HREPTWO-4146	Implement MultipleFileUpload component to improve UX
with image/assets dialog
 HREPTWO-4111	JAAS based authentication to allow single sign on


 HREPTWO-1902	Upgrade to released Xinha version
 HREPTWO-3831	Extract credentials from request

Bug fixes:

 HREPTWO-4156	Upgrade fails with more than 10 same name siblings
 HREPTWO-4141	Wrongly spelled words in assets view
 HREPTWO-4133	warning when starting quickstart
 HREPTWO-4132	NPE in JcrSessionModel
 HREPTWO-4130	Constraint violation when upgrading two namespaces where
one extends the other
 HREPTWO-4121	Table invisible in preview mode
 HREPTWO-4108	Creating a new document fails when URL generation is too slow
 HREPTWO-4101	Login impossible after deleting cookies
 HREPTWO-4092	Unexpected error raised when failing to edit an open document
 HREPTWO-4087	Update All Content indexing error
 HREPTWO-4059	Xinha field extends beyond editor field area
 HREPTWO-4057	possible NPE in facet result set provider
 HREPTWO-4048	Additional line breaks when saving xinha
 HREPTWO-4016	It is possible to find documents by username
 HREPTWO-4012	Unable to save or close document
 HREPTWO-3990	IE7: internal links are broken after save
 HREPTWO-3984	Cannot rename folder while keeping URL name the same
 HREPTWO-3976	JCRValueList caching problem
 HREPTWO-3950	IE: No wrapping of the breadcrumbs in Link picker

cheers, Frank

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