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Frank van Lankvelt f.vanlankvelt at onehippo.com
Thu Sep 2 18:31:16 CEST 2010

> > E.g. you cannot say this is for belgium, but not language specific.
> > So an image cannot be for the whole of Belgium, the only options are:
> > - one copy for the flemish side and one copy for the french.
> I think this is actually the same as what I have in mind.
> > - an image for all dutch speaking people.
> And this is what I don't want.
> Maybe locale is the wrong analogy.
> Since we've already established that 'language' is also the wrong analogy,
shouldn't we spend some more time on fixing the concept we're trying to use?

If there is an image that is to be used for Belgium, but there are no
language-specific variants, then it should not be supported by the feature
'content translation'.  IMHO, content translation applies to strings.  Since
strings can also be embedded in an image (in the form of pixels), it must be
possible to translate images.

In Locale, the language is leading.  You cannot specify the country without
having specified the language first.  So the logical hierarchy would be
something like

 ` BE
 ` NL
 ` BE
 ` FR

which actually makes sense!  The primary distinguishing feature is language,
and then it is the country.  So when you're visiting the nl_BE site, but
there is no nl_BE variant available, you might want to fall back to the
nl_NL version.  A french version is unacceptable, however.*

cheers, Frank

*) perhaps we shouldn't be using a country with issues with respect to the
language divide?  We might as well use Canada for our examples.
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