[Hippo-cms7-user] Releases CMS 2.16.08 and HST 2.05.04 : Improved Faceted Navigation performance

Ard Schrijvers a.schrijvers at onehippo.com
Fri Apr 1 09:29:04 CEST 2011


we have backported major performance improvements in the Faceted
Navigation Engine to CMS 2.16.08 and HST 2.05.04. If you are using CMS
2.16.xx and HST 2.05.xx and also rely on faceted navigation, we
encourage you to upgrade to these new versions. No other actions
beside bumping the version numbers are needed. HST 2.05.04 also has
several other minor bug fixes, see below.

Feedback is welcome,

The Hippo Team.

Release Notes - Hippo CMS 7 - Version 2.16.08


    * [CMS7-4916] - Improve Faceted Navigation performance

Release Notes - Hippo Site Toolkit 2 - Version 2.05.04


    * [HSTTWO-1503] - Improve the performance for the isLeaf() check
for beans related to faceted navigation
    * [HSTTWO-1401] - ContentRewriter doesn't handle properly empty HTML
    * [HSTTWO-1459] - Unnecessary tag attributes (...ByBeanPath)
    * [HSTTWO-1545] - Better log message in HstComponentConfigurationService


    * [HSTTWO-1457] - Wrong configuration variable changes in BinariesServlet
    * [HSTTWO-1461] - Deadlock on shutdown
    * [HSTTWO-1462] - Build fails with maven 3 due to wrong parent
definition in testsuite/sandbox/ocm pom
    * [HSTTWO-1470] - BinariesServlet returns old content the first
request when the cache is invalidated
    * [HSTTWO-1501] - When the JCRValueProvider first gets the call
hasProperty("foo") then the property foo will not be loaded any more
during getProperty("foo") and null is returned
    * [HSTTWO-1504] - SimpleContentRewriter url-encodes query strings
when rewriting urls
    * [HSTTWO-1514] - XSS vulnerability in SearchResult class of
    * [HSTTWO-1522] - Faceted navigation breaks on the < part in
something like <100.000 km
    * [HSTTWO-1533] - When removing inactive on-demand pool from
lazy-multiple-repository component, it should be closed to clear
everything such as eviction task
    * [HSTTWO-1534] - Synchronized removal on inactive pools in the
lazy-multiple-repo component
    * [HSTTWO-1536] - Session pool should not close its underlying
HippoRepository if it is using local or vm embedded repo.


    * [HSTTWO-1443] - Upgrade HST Configuration Editor to 2.04.04+ in

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