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How are you? Do you have a date when the documentation you mentioned below would 
be completed..



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before going into the questions below, I want to also mention that I
will be working on documenting how to add subsites, translated sites
and new channels (for example mobile with same content) at [1].
However, unfortunately, I am not far with those pages yet.

A picture explaining the configuration for a single site (in preview
and live mode) is shown at [2]. This might be enlightening

On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 1:08 AM, M Nair <mnsweeps at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks Frank for info.
> 1) Just wanted to make sure about terms Hippo uses. A host represents a
> domain and a mount represents a site in the HST schema, right?

Pretty much this is correct, but let me add some subtleties for completeness:

The hierarchy of hosts make up a domain. If you put a 'mount' below a
host, it is always one that is called: hst:root : This is the
equivalent to the URL '/' . A mount can again contain child mounts.
This is explained at [2]. For example if you have:

- org (host)
    -  onehippo (host)
              - www (host)
                    - hst:root (mount)
                              preview (mount)

This would for example result in all URLs like:

www.onehippo.org/x/y/z to map to the hst:root mount, unless 'x' is
'preview : if x = 'preview', then it maps to the 'preview' mount

Instead, you can also configure:

- org (host)
    -  onehippo (host)
              - www (host)
                    - hst:root (mount)
              - preview (host)
                    - hst:root (mount)

now, you have two domains: www.onehippo.com and preview.onehippo.com
The hst:root for the preview is configured to show the preview.

> Each host will have its own mount and its a one to one corelation ?

This is possible, but as can be seen above, really depends on your use
case: For example, do you want this:


or do you prefer:


In the latter, you will have the mounts 'de' and 'fr' below the
hst:root mount. If the first, you'll have 3 hst:root's.

> 2) In the example, you have 3 subdomains (m,www and api) hosted on same
> instance for the demo.onehippo.com domain. can I have different domains on
> same instance? Like can I have www.hulahoop.com and www.goingcrazy.com
> hosted on same instance as they both share the same repo? I am assuming you
> can as its just a HST configuration issue, right ?

Exactly. We normally have a single httpd rule, forwarding all requests
to the HST: The HST takes the domain for the request, and maps it to
the correct domain. So, you add any host or nested mount configuration
in the HST, and the HST will map it for you.

Of course, you can create complete separate repositories and
applications for every subsite you have. However, the *really* nice
thing we support with the HST out-of-the-box, is cross domain channel
aware linking: Thus, creating links between content of different sites
results in correct links in the frontend: Even if the links are to a
different domain: Then the HST creates a fully qualified url including
hostname. Also, it is channel aware: the links between content in
mobile version for cross-site-content will be links between mobile
versions: The same content for the website version will have links
that stay in the website version. We should get a movie online for
this out-of-the-box feature which is really one of our key HST

> 3) Do you have any load testing metrics which shows that the Hippo instance
> response is well within the pre decided SLA? I mean how much does the
> response deteriorate as we keep adding sites(sharing same repo) on a single
> instance?

This question has 2 answers: Adding subsites does not deteriorate
performance (at least I never measured it) at all once the
configuration is loaded and enhanced in the HST memory model. The HST
keeps an in memory model which basically keeps all matching
functionality and linkrewriting functionality in hashmaps: Every
lookup is trivial, and fast. I tested for 750 subsites. Once loaded in
memory, everything is blistering fast.

The second answer, is that adding more than around 100 subsites with
their own configuration results in a hic ups when changing a
configuration or adding a new subsite because of reloading the in
memory model, and the memory footprint becomes too large (About 1 Mb
per new site currently). The good news is, that I am currently working
on it for a customer that needs 750 subsites (if previews also needed,
it is 1500 :-)

So, you can track this issue to see the progress [3]

> 4) What issues did you encounter during the (m,www and api) site setup?

Actually none...the HST is fully cross-domain/cross-mount, channel and
context aware. The issues we encountered where in the HST 2.05.xx, but
we all addressed them by quite a major rewrite of the host/mount
model, for which be bumped the hst to 2.20.xx

> Thanks again..appreciate your help

You're welcome, hope my response helps clarifying some bits and bytes


[2] https://wiki.onehippo.com/display/CMS7/HST-2+Configuration+model
[3] https://issues.onehippo.com/browse/HSTTWO-1583

Regards Ard

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