[Hippo-cms7-user] Linking faceted navigation into your sitemenu

d.clayton d.clayton at lukkien.com
Thu Oct 13 14:28:08 CEST 2011

Hi Mathijs,

I managed to get faceted navigation into my menu as it is in the website I'm
porting. Thanks for the pointer :)

I'm now just wondering if there's a better way of doing the following: I
want the sitemenu link that's the current document to be highlighted in some
way (e.g. bold text instead of a hyperlink, like the rest of the leftmenu
works). Unfortunately because I'm passing a set of beans in instead of a
HstSiteMenu, it doesn't know which item is selected. So, my solution is to
do getContentBean(request) and get the bean's name, then do a string
comparison in the JSP of the bean name with the facet item name. This works
- but it seems quite clunky, and I don't really like that I'm now loading
the content bean twice per request. Here's my code:

In my Menu.java:

        // get faceted nav
        String facetLocation = getParameter("facetLocation", request);
        String facetParentName = getParameter("facetParentName", request);
        if(facetLocation != null && facetParentName != null) {
        	HippoItem item =
	        if(item != null) {
	            String facetNodeType = getParameter("facetNodeType", request);
	            String nodeType = DEFAULT_NODE_TYPE;
	            if(facetNodeType != null) {
	            	nodeType = facetNodeType;
	            HippoBean content = getContentBean(request);
	            request.setAttribute("contentName", content.getName());
	        	request.setAttribute("facetParentName", facetParentName);

And my JSP (inside an iterated siteMenuItem):

              <c:if test="${item.name == facetParentName}">
                   <c:if test="${fn:length(facetResult) gt 0}">
					    <ul id="left-nav">
					        <%-- at elvariable id="facetResult"
					        <c:forEach items="${facetResult}" var="facet">
						        	<c:when test="${not empty facet.title}">
					                    <c:set var="title" value="${facet.title}"/>
					                	<c:set var="title" value="${facet.name}"/>
					        	<c:when test="${facet.name == contentName}">
						            <li>&lt;a href=&quot;&lt;hst:link
hippobean=&quot;${facet}&quot;/&gt;"><c:out value="${title}"/> </li>

Do you have any comments or suggestions on this approach? In particular, is
there a better way to determine which facet item should be styled

Thanks again!

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