[Hippo-cms7-user] Repository Initialization

Tobias Jeger t.jeger at onehippo.com
Wed Dec 5 15:45:32 CET 2012

Hi (again),

I'm having fun with repository initialization now.

I have an existing document type, defined in an existing CND, and example
documents of that type.
In a newer version of the project, I want to add a new custom compound to
that document type.
Here's what I think should happen during repository initialization of the
newer version:

1) Reload the CND, so the new custom compound is known in the repository
2) Load the (namespace) definition of the new custom compound
3) Reload the definition of the document type, using the new custom compound
4) Load or Reload new/changed example content using the new custom compound

I have above 4 "initializeitems" in my hippoecm-extension.xml and their
sequence numbers are
increasing. Items 1) and 3) have the reloadonstartup flag set to true, 2)
and 4) don't.

Starting the newer version of the project and collecting logs from the
LocalHippoRepository logger,
I find that for some reason, 2) gets bootstrapped first, before the CND has
been updated.
I get a NoSuchNodeTypeException from JCR. 18 seconds later in the log, I
see the CND being
reloaded and the compound being loaded (again???). Then the document type
gets reloaded,
which throws another NoSuchNodeTypeException on the compound, but a few
log-lines later on,
it appears to setup the nodetype for the compound anyway. Finally, when the
process gets to
load the example data, it throws another NoSuchNodeType exception on the

I cannot make sense from this. Am I making an obvious mistake? Are reloads
only executed after
all new items have been loaded?



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