[Hippo-cms7-user] Announcement: Hippo CMS 7.6.5 maintenance release

Junaidh Sheriff j.sheriff at onehippo.com
Tue Dec 11 15:36:17 CET 2012

Dear All,

We are happy to announce the availability of new maintenance release 7.6.5
for public (following the grandeur 7.8 release, two weeks back). The list
of issues and artifacts (core & forge) in this release are mentioned below.
For the projects running on 7.6.xx series updating project parent pom with
7.6.5 version should provide these dependencies. New projects for 7.6 can
be bootstrapped using archetype 1.03.04 (however the newest is on 7.8
series archetype 1.07.00).

The developers who are closely watching our Maven repository may have
noticed that several of the artifacts that are part of this maintenance
release have been available for some days already. This is due to a slight
change in our release procedure. When we fix issues for a specific
artifact, we will first do all possible internal testing, then tag the
artifact and also ask selected projects to test the tag in their setup. If
no further issues pop up, the tag will be released as part of a regular
maintenance release.

We encourage all projects to remain on the regular maintenance release.
Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release
should only be done if there is a specific reason, and only after testing
in your specific project setup.

Have fun developing with Hippo.
Thanks & Regards,
The Hippo R&D team
CMS7-6570     Backport 7.6: Xinha editor autosave causes WicketAjax to block
CMS7-6488     Dashboard activity stream: published documents display 1.0
instead of the document name
CMS7-6498     Backport : make sure cms set empty hippo:text binary when pdf
extraction fails

REPO-515     Make the ping servlet only handle one request at the time
REPO-501     Even when a hippo:text property is available on the node,
indexing will still attempt to extract it
REPO-498     Upgrade to Jackrabbit 2.2.13

HSTTWO-2278     Sitemenu invalidation sometimes fails
HSTTWO-2159     Template composer: Drag&Drop does not work in IE9
HSTTWO-2288     When the resourceURL is used with an incorrect id, instead
of throwing a HstComponentException return with a response.sendError
HSTTWO-2266     BeanUtils getDisposablePoolSession creates multiple lazy
jcr sessions for one and the same query for a single request

*    repository    2.22.11*
*    cms    2.20.13*
    addon-faceteddate    2.20.00
    addon-publication-workflow    2.20.04
    addon-hst-configuration-editor    1.07.01
*    packages    2.20.06
    hst    2.22.15*
    dashboard-document-wizard    1.03.09
    gallerypicker    1.09.02
    easy-forms    2.07.02
    easy-forms-hst    2.06.00
    poll    1.05.00
*    relateddocs    2.08.07*
*    selection    2.05.04*
    sitemap    1.02.00
    taxonomy    1.07.02
*    tcmp    1.04.02*
    content-blocks    1.08.02
*    ecm-tagging    4.04.02*
*    Archetype    1.03.08*
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