[Hippo-cms7-user] Search query highlighting in search results

Wouter Danes Wouter.Danes at hinttech.com
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I know Jeroen has looked into this for one of the projects we worked on together.
It's not easy to do in Hippo, but you could leverage f.ex SOLR to do this.
Maybe Reijn wants to pitch in here. :)

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Hello again,

I have implemented search in my project, but the customer wants some functionality that is not included by default. They would like for the search query to appear in the introduction text of the search results. For instance, a user enters 'foo' as a search query, a list of documents that contain 'foo' is shown, the list items have an introduction text, this introduction text is a snippet of text that contains the word 'foo' and some surrounding text from the document.
I'm guessing this is not standard functionality for search or one of the plugins, so I'll probably have to create this functionality from scratch.
Now before I start String searching all the search results, which is probably not possible due to performance issues, I would like to ask if someone has an idea as how to best create this functionality? Is there perhaps a plugin or addon I have overlooked that does just this? Can I use the existing search functionality to my advantage? Any thoughts on the matter will be very much appreciated!

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