[Hippo-cms7-user] PluginConfigTest in CMS project failing under locale nl_NL

Unico Hommes u.hommes at onehippo.com
Thu Dec 13 08:21:34 CET 2012

Doesn't this just mean that when you run on a server with default
locale Dutch and you want to configure a double in a string property
that you then need to use a comma instead of a point? AFAIK we don't
have any such configurations in the CMS and I think it would be a very
rare occurrence for a project. If they do, then they should simply use
a Double type property. So on the basis of this issue I would not
conclude Hippo CMS does not run on such a system.

But it is an interesting point to raise. There might be other issues
that prevent the cms from working properly on a different default
locale. I'm pretty sure this isn't in our test plans and doubt it is
mentioned in any official availability matrix.


On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 11:18 PM, Wouter Danes
<Wouter.Danes at hinttech.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I was fiddling around on my home pc with the CMS and I ran into a nasty
> issue.
> If I try to build the CMS project the PluginConfigTest fails on the test
> “testWrappedSerialization”.
> Further inspection shows that the value “3.0” is read from the “String
> property”  and then converted to Double.
> This is where it goes wrong. When it reads a String value, it uses the
> system default locale to convert the String to a Double.
> In the nl_NL locale, the decimal separator is ‘,’ instead of ‘.’, so the
> conversion ignores the dot and sees the value as 30, instead of 3.0.
> I fixed the test by doing a Locale.setDefault(Locale.US), but this raises
> the question: can Hippo CMS only run on a server which has the locale set to
> en_US?
> Regards,
> Wouter
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