[Hippo-cms7-user] Announcement: New version of CMS, HST, Channel Manager & Packages for HippoCMS 7.7

Junaidh Sheriff j.sheriff at onehippo.com
Fri Sep 21 19:46:52 CEST 2012

Dear All,

This evening we tagged & deployed following artifacts for the Hippo CMS
7.7.xx series. These will be included in the upcoming maintenance release
7.7.7 also
--CMS - 2.22.11
--HST - 2.24.08
--Packages - 2.22.05
--Channel manager - 2.22.08

We have fixed following issues in these artifacts:
CMS7-6441    CMS7.7 Wrong order of save field VS save session (due to a bad
connection) causes loss of content
CMS7-6438    IE: Can not put focus on title field in compound blocks after
adding new compound
CMS7-6454    BACKPORT: Some JPEG's don't get read with Java's
CMS7-6497    Regression: hippo:moduleconfig shows up in "My todo list" on
CMS7-6472    BACKPORT: Reduce chance of out-of-memory during image upload
(patch attached)
CMS7-6420    Warning during bootstrap process: "Build number not valid, not
storing it on initialize item 'hippo-cms-document-only-pickers'"
CMS7-6452    [BACKPORT] Xinha javascript embedding
CMS7-6274    Xinha IE JS error: object doesn't support property or method
CMS7-6479    Backport to 7.7: When thumbnail size is altered the
height/width of the surrounding html should be changed (CMS7-6285)
CMS7-6278    channel manager locking improvements
CMS7-6487    BACKPORT: Channel manager should work seamlessly when sites
are deployed as ROOT.war CMS7-6486

HSTTWO-2287    Configuration not reloaded after delete followed by direct
HSTTWO-2286    Backport to 7.7: Regression: ComponentRepresentation
includes context path in iconURL for mount without a context path
HSTTWO-2291    Have the NoopPipeline return a 404 instead of a 204 no
HSTTWO-2285    Avoid possible ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
HstManagerImpl when finegrained reloading hst model
HSTTWO-2288    When the resourceURL is used with an incorrect id, instead
of throwing a HstComponentException return with a response.sendError
HSTTWO-2284    When the deprecated hst:refidsitemapitem is configured on a
sitemenuitem, log a warning and what to use instead

Have a wonderful weekend,
Junaid K
Hippo B.V.  -  Amsterdam
Oosteinde 11, 1017 WT, Amsterdam, +31(0)20-5224466
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