[Hippo-cms7-user] Unable to set Taxonomy plugin up

David Martin dmartin at ippon.fr
Wed Sep 26 12:36:47 CEST 2012

> Last point: I only want the taxonomy to be defined in a single language.
>> I've
>> deleted all but one language from the JCR node
>> "content/taxonomies/**exampletaxonomy/**exampletaxonomy". Let's say I've
>> just let
>> "fr". If the end user is connected to the CMS using another language, for
>> instance "en", when clicking on New (to add a new category), both English
>> and
>> French appear in the drop down list, despite the single language defined.
>> Could
>> be a bug?
> You can configure those, see http://taxonomy.forge.**
> onehippo.org/category-**localization.html<http://taxonomy.forge.onehippo.org/category-localization.html>
This is what I've done (editing the hippotaxonomy:locales property and only
let one locale : 'fr'). But despite this configuration, limited to a single
locale ('fr'), when connecting to the CMS with a different one (in my case,
connecting with 'en' locale), both 'en' and 'fr' are visible in the drop
down list. Am I missing something ?

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