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Subject: New Wicket Portlets Demo available
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 18:37:50 +0200
From: Ate Douma <ate at douma.nu>
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I'm really happy to announce that a new and quite feature complete Wicket Portlets Demo is now available for download at:


I've worked hard the last few weeks to improve the Wicket portlet support branch and it can now run all Wicket Examples natively as portlet!
See also IRA issue WICKET-658 at http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/WICKET-658#action_12528082 where I have provided more information how to install and use
this demo.

Although there probably are still some minor issues here and there, the demo will show that portlet development using Wicket is now very much feasible.

I'd like to invite anyone interested to try out the demo and see it in action for yourself, and of course please report any encountered issue/problems to the
dev list.

I've developed the portlet support based on the 1.3.0-beta3 release (with few minor bugfixes ported back from the trunk), so although the trunk development has
progressed at it usual aggressive speed, updating the portlet-support to the latest Wicket trunk shouldn't be too much work (that is: right now!).

As we would like to start using Wicket for a rewrite of the Jetspeed-2 administration portlets *now*, it would be great if the portlet support can be
incorporated into the trunk as soon as possible. Delaying this until after the 1.3.0 release would mean being out-of-sync with the main wicket trunk development
all the time and a lot of work each time we want/need to bring it back in sync.

Initially, back in May this year, my idea was waiting with merging the portlet support in the trunk to after the 1.3.0 release.
But as 1.3.0 still isn't released yet and still in beta phase, it would be much better to merge now otherwise the portlet-support will be constantly out-of-sync
with the main wicket trunk development, causing a lot of effort each time we want (or need) to bring it back in sync.

For Jetspeed-2, we would very much like to start using Wicket for a rewrite of the Jetspeed-2 administration portlet *now*. Having towait until after the 1.3.0
release, or be dependent on unofficial builds from the portlet-support branch would be less ideal to say the least.
Other parties, like my own company, already have started using the Wicket portlet-support branch, so having to delay the merge to trunk really wouldn't be fun.

AFAICS though, the impact of merging the portlet-support to trunk won't be big.
I had to make a few (internal) changes in the wicket core, but I don't think those will have functional side-effects.

To make it easier for the other committers to decide if we can merge the portlet-support to trunk now, I will create a new JIRA issue for it.
For the changes needed to the current Wicket trunk I'll create separate patches with explanations why and attach those to that issue.
(note: most of these changes I already described in detail under subtasks of the WICKET-647 issue).
We can then discuss these changes individually and if need be see if alternative solutions are possible.
After those changes are reviewed and accepted, the portlet support then can be merged to the trunk.




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